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Your dive staff is phenomenal!. We especially liked Shawn and Jerome. They knew their stuff and made us better divers.

Jessica Hanley & Melissa Vandeboin, NY

Special thanks to Lucky who was an excellent dive guide and made us enjoy our diving much more. He was extremely knowledgeable and safe.

Tim & Rebecca Rising,
Ontario, Canada



Hamanasi has a wide range of dive courses designed for all levels of diving.

Rusty Diver Course | PADI Discover Scuba Diving | PADI Open Water Certification Course
OPEN Water Referral Course | PADI Advance Open Water Certificaton Course
PADI Underwater Naturalist Specialty Course | PADI Deep Diving Specialty Course
PADI Multi Level Diving Specialty Course | Underwater Navigation
Peak Performance Bouyancy | PADI Rescue Diver Course | PADI Divemaster Course



Are you a rusty diver? This "course" is designed for the certified diver who has not dived recently or a new diver who wants to refresh skills and important diving procedures. There will be a basic review of in-water exercises to reacquaint the diver with the skill to dive safely.
Never dived, but want to check it out? Discover SCUBA Diving is for you! This is a one-day course designed to give the non-diver the experience of SCUBA diving. This course provides equipment orientation, shallow water exercises, basic level dive theory, and includes a real dive on the reef with an instructor. After having completed this course and at the Instructor's discretion a person may continue to dive with one of our divemasters or the instructor on dives to forty feet on subsequent days.
Your entry ticket to the underwater world! Becoming a PADI Open Water Diver enables you to dive anywhere in the world. You will learn about the physics and physiology of diving, as well as the equipment used for diving. Your first dive experience will be in the pool or confined water to familiarize yourself with the necessary skills, followed by four boat dives somewhere on our beautiful Belizean reef system. This course takes 3 or 4 days. Advance home study is available – please enquire!
If you have completed all your confined water modules and written tests with a different instructor and need your open water certification dives, the Open Water Referral Course is for you! This course will allow you to complete your four open water dives in a tropical ocean environment with a certified PADI instructor and receive your Open Water Certification.
Expand your diving horizons! This is an exciting, two day course giving the already certified diver an introduction to 5 specialty types of diving. Students will advance their skills under the supervision of an instructor, as well as receive more technical diving knowledge in areas of deep diving and underwater navigation. This course can be completed in 2 to 3 days and includes 5 dives.
Have you ever seen a beautiful coral, a little critter or some extraordinary fish and wondered its name? Do you want to learn more about the habits of fish and other marine creatures? This course is specifically designed for the diver who wishes to learn more about the marine life and reef ecology. Become a more responsible diver while making your diving more rewarding. We do a bit of theory and then go discovering on two dives.
If you are an Advance Open Water Diver or equivalent and want to expand your diving horizons to include deep diving techniques then this course is for you! You will enhance your knowledge of deep diving physics and physiology, as well as learn about specialized equipment and procedures for deep diving. This course includes four dives, specialty equipment and certification processing fees.
This course enables the diver to plan and enjoy multi level dives. You will be able to use the PADI wheel and a computer to calculate extended bottom time. In turn, the course will enable you to enjoy the beauty and thrill of a deep dive without compromising on bottom time. This includes two dives and can be completed in one day.
Have you ever felt disoriented under water or wondered how your dive guide manages to get you back to the boat at the end of the dive? The underwater navigation course enables you to navigate under water using natural and compass navigation techniques. This course includes 3 dives over one or two days and is done in a fun and safe environment. This also prepares you for the rescue diver course.
We often admire those divers around us who look perfectly weightless. You, too, can achieve this picture of weightlessness through perfect buoyancy control! This specialty course will give you knowledge and skill practice that will enable you to move effortlessly above the corals and at the same time will extend your bottom time through proper breathing techniques. Join one of our PADI professionals for two fun dives and achieve perfect buoyancy!
Experienced divers learn basic first aid and rescue skills in this rigorous course. This is a physically demanding course – students should be in good shape! The course includes some theory and 3 to 4 water training sessions that can be done in approximately 4 days. This course is a prerequisite to becoming a Divemaster.
Are you ready to become a dive professional? This very intense course teaches the diver how to lead and guide dive trips and assume the responsibility for other divers. Students will work alongside Hamanasi’s dive team learning most aspects of working in a Dive Facility from hauling tanks, to helping other divers to washing gear. This course includes 5 dives, some pool work and theory and takes approximately 5 full days to complete. This program can be custom designed to enable students to do most of the theory prior to arrival.


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