Kristy Boyd Pen Pal Project

This past week the standard one class at the Hopkins Village Primary School, received a school bag each. This was the first initiative to the Kristy Bold Pen Pal project.

Carolyn King who is one of our future guests, arriving in January to stay with us has been corresponding with us. Her correspondence with Karina has now turned in to a project. Carolyn King’s daughter Kristy Boyd, a 1st grade teacher at the Groves Elementary school in Wylie, Texas, has come up with this project to create pen pals between her class and a class here at the Hopkins Village Primary School.

Kristy and her students gathered school bags and sent them down to us. This pass Wednesday Karina, the Reservations/Guest Services Manger went down to the school to distribute the bags. School was almost over and she was happy to meet Ms. Johnson the Standard 1 teacher. Karina explained her and to the class that they were to write a letter each to send back for the people that send the bags.

Each child is to hand in the letter as an assignment. In this letter each child will write about him or her self and were they live. For those who wish to they can send a picture of them selves. The letters will be collected and sent through Hamansi to Kristy’s class. The remainder of the bags will be given to another class at the school.

This project is a fun way for the children to make friends and to lean to write letters as well as developing vocabulary and spelling skills since Ms Johnson and their parents will be helping them with the letter.

Hamanasi continues to support the local community and is open to more ideas and assistance such as this one.


  1. This is an excellent program, we at love this program bu Hamanasi. Keep us updated about its progress.

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