Hamanasi Guest Book – December 2010

Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous 2011.  A warm “Thank you”  to all our December 2010 guest!  From the Hamanasi staff to all our guest this month, thanks for coming and we hope you had a great time and we can’t wait to have you back!

“All  your staff member are a credit to your organization.  In this day and age companies have forgotten what the meaning of service represents.  You have found the secret to a successful business model/plan.   Keep up what you are doing.  It works and thank you for a great vacation.”

Hank and Linda Herdt,  York,  ME

“Awesome job done by all!!!”

Jill and RJ Wilhelm, Tecumesh, ON

“A beautiful place through and through! Very impressive work being done here.  Continue setting a great example.”

Daniel and Dave Cremons,  Minneapolis,  MN

“Great staff.  Each and everyone always ready with a smile.  They made you feel special in their lives.  Don’t every let it change.  Best vacation we’ve had.”

Shawn and Tommy Boyd,  Genoa, CO

“All the staff were fabulous and very service oriented, not a weak player amongst any of the people we came in contact with!!

Bret Walters and Family, Ontario, ON

“It was heaven!”

Hayden and Alysia Sample,  Garden Grove, CA

“Everybody was so engaging, upbeat, patient, sweet and articulate.”

Karl and Jane Sabo, Deerfield, MA

“Beautiful resort, exceeded expectations.  Staff is awesome!”

Joe and Patricia Masarek, Roswell, GA

“The Hamanasi team is simply the best!!!  They care about you and want you to truly enjoy yourself.  I was part of the family.”

L. H., Frisco, TX

“This is my 6th Belize dive adventure in the past 18 years and my best ALL around experience.”

Pat and Britt Moore, Ashland, OR

“Kudos to the owners for maintaining as much integrity for the land and her people as they can! Keep up the great job.  We so appreciate the time, effort and thoughtfulness for planning out what Hamanasi has done here.”

Terry and Nancy Borden, Lone, WA

“It felt like a week in paradise.  The wedding package offered was perfect for what we wanted.”

Parron Family,  Cape Girardeau, MO

“It was a fantastic experience that was even better than I thought it could be.”

Alex and Lana Rich,  Morrisville, NC

“Don’t grow – you are perfect!”

Kim Corbin-Lewis and Family, Logan, UT

“This was one of the best managed hotels I have ever been to.  Everyone was great.”

Kurt Kautz and Family, Lodi, CA

“Keep doing what you are doing already.  Very relaxing atmosphere, very cordial and fun to stay here at Hamanasi.”

Richard and Justin Lynch, Anchorage, AK

“Everyone was so friendly and helpful.  The staff all tried to remember our names.  The food was great and tours were amazing.”

Andrew and Christina Ehrhard,  Old Town, ME

“We loved this place.  Everything was great.”

Sarah and Chad Teachout, Dallas, TX

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