Hamanasi Guest Book – April 2006

“Loved it all”

-Stacy Marlow, USA

“I will certainly recommend Hamanasi to anyone with a love of diving and adventure or simply a desire to escape for a while to a Tropical Paradise.  Thanks for everything!”

-Steve Siegmund, USA

“I have never had such a professional (dive) crew in my entire life”

-Doug and Andrea Hamilton, USA

“We couldn’t believe the staff would clean our gear for us allowing us to enjoy our vacation more”

-Chris and Kathy Allen, USA

“Everyone was great.  How can you improve on greatness”

-Ryan and Dawn Bridge, USA

“I love the dogs and cats. The yellow lab lounged with me at the beach I felt like I was in another world”

-Melanie Ryan and Andrew Steigmeier, USA

“Friends wanted to know if this was a good place. I can confidently say you are the best. Certainly the best in Belize!”

-Royce Albert, USA

“The entire staff was great.  Special thanks to Patricia for helping make the wedding perfect.”

-Dave and Rhonda Lee, Canada

“We absolutely loved the friendly quaint atmosphere and tons of activities”

-Franklin and Brooke Swann, USA

“Stephanie was amazing and so kind.  Pauline, Jessica and Andrew were also very helpful.   We truly enjoyed how personal our stay was”

-Daniel and Amy Jarrett, USA

“Every staff member was phenomenal. They are all experts in Customer Service”

-Eric and Nancy Ruttenberg, USA

“Jessica and Andrew and all the wait staff were great.  Pedro, Golden, Stacey and Victoria – the best!”

-Jeanne and John Chiarmonte, USA

“The laid back atmosphere and the friendly staff who actually took the time to learn your name really made this an extra wonderful experience”

-Gregg and Mary Lawton, USA

“The Dive Shop staff are helpful, friendly and safety minded as well as a lot of fun to spend time with.  We hope to see them all again next time”

-Jen Smith and Tom Rayment, Canada

“I’ve traveled many places throughout the world. From Hawaii, Costa Rica, Bonaire, Australia, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Caymans, Cozumel, the San Juan Islands etc…Never before have I been treated so well as at Hamanasi.  It is a real winner.  The special touch is the staff knowing everyone’s name.  Not many other places can claim this special attention to details which leaves one feeling instant friends.  I remember Stacey, Alicia, Richard, Kim, Jes, Hartfield and Golden, forgive me if I left anyone out, which I know I have”

-Steve Woessner, USA

“Stephanie, Pedro, Golden, Kim, Boss stand out as exceptional staff”

-Fred and Trish Froderman, USA

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