Hamanasi Guest Book – December 2005

“The resort scuba was great.  It was our first trip and we felt very safe and had a wonderful time”

-Erin Houlihan, USA

“The dive guides and boat captains are excellent.  They are knowledgeable, professional and very safety conscience”

-Ottavia (Pat) Chiaradonna, USA

“Stephanie is awesome. Andrew, Jessica and Stacey are very special.  Pauline is great.  Dive Masters Eric and Dale were fabulous.  Karin is energizing. Richard is on top of the Tour Operations. We can’t thank you all enough.  It’s been a wonderful experience.  Alicia – we love you too!”

-Steven and Sally Brooks, USA

“Stacey helped me obtain contact lenses when I left them at home.  Hartfield is a super nice sincere guide.  Lucky is an excellent dive teacher and great with kids.  Eric offered a super fishing experience”

-Eric Gonchar, USA

“We really enjoyed Stephanie; she’s so warm and happy all the time and has a great sense of humour”

-Wayne and Barb Stach, USA

“I believe King will make any drink you think of”

-Paula and Ashley Harrison, USA

“The overall service was excellent. The staff was very friendly”

-Walter Foyt, USA

“King is great!  Good attitude, good music, always good service”

-Kristen Morris, USA

“Golden was an excellent guide for birding, we saw a wide variety of birds”

-Kevin Conlin, USA

“Golden was so awesome at pointing out animals and everything else.  He made all the trips memorable”

-Andrew and Laney Smith, USA

“All staff was very helpful and polite”

-Carol Aukett, England

“Excellent stay, the staff here is friendly and courteous.”

-Maria Daniel, Trinidad

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