Hamanasi Guest Book – January 2006

“Staff was great on all levels.  Dive Master/Instructors knowledgeable and helpful, very professional!”

-Larry Hamil, USA

“Fantastic, A+”

-Angelo Rivera, USA

“Four Stars for remembering our name. Your strongest asset is your staff. All of them!”

-Robert (Bob) and Betsy Rechner, USA

“Jerome and Lucky not only were helpful teachers but took the time to show us marine life.  We loved snorkeling with Eric, Neal and Sam.  What a patient and caring dive team”

-Erika Haney, Canada

“Jessica was an excellent hostess as was Stephanie.  Boss was a great dive guide.  Golden and excellent inland guide”

-Jon Rechner, USA

“Management should be congratulated for picked such wonderful staff”

-Ken, Jo-Anne and Lauren, Canada

“The diving was amazing. The best I have ever done.  The staff was what made each dive really great.  They are knowledgeable as guides should be but they are fun and personable which is most appreciated”

-Scott Fetter, USA

“Diving, diving instruction, dive masters and boat captains first rate!  Can’t imagine being treated better!”

-Malon Flato & John Taliaferro, USA

“Great guides and Karin is a fantastic leader and organizer”

-Grant and Margo Thomas, USA

“Enjoyed the use of the bikes and sea kayaks. Thanks.”

-Chera Kelsey, USA

“Everyone is as friendly as a family.”

-Mary Grable, USA

“We had so much fun, you will all be missed!”

-Trevor and Christy Soholt, Canada

“King is a wonderful bartender and friend.  Golden is an excellent tour guide.  Stacey went out of her way to make our stay pleasant. Alicia is very organized, helpful and efficient.  Pauline is an excellent hostess and lovely woman”

-Taryn and Cameron Dezfulian, USA

“Jessica was wonderful about making sure our vegetarians were well taken of.  Pedro went out of his way to make sure all members of our group were satisfied.  Golden’s enthusiasm for birds is contagious. Shawn did a great job of pointing out fish.”

-Lois Anderson, USA

“King had great reggae music and personality to boot.  Alicia at front Desk was very professional.”

-Dan Swim, USA

“We really enjoyed all the staff. They were friendly and accommodating. The tour guides are  the best.  They helped make our trip extra enjoyable!”

-Bobby and Debra Stadghill, USA

“The most impressive aspect of Hamanasi is the training and professionalism of all employees in all areas. Everyone is knowledgable and energetic.”

William Butcher and Antonia Shusta, USA

“Patricia and Alicia were very helpful. Pedro made inland tours fun and enjoyable”

-Betsy and Jose Cruz, USA

“The staff always remembered our name and made us feel very special.  Pauline, Alicia and Stephanie were very friendly, accommodating and genuinely focused on customer service.”

-Shari and David Nettles, USA

“Karin makes a huge effort to make sure everyone is having fun.”

-Bryan and Margot, USA

“A+, A+, A+!”

-Ali Babington and Tiffany Johnson, USA

“King is God!”

-Scott and Michael Lamm, USA

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