Hamanasi Guest Book – June 2006

“Beautiful places and beautiful faces, above and below the water”

-Carol and Mike Weisner, USA

“Your dive staff was excellent. It was fun to see them excited about Whale Sharks”

-Renee Hamon, USA

“Our Honeymoon was fun, unique and very special thanks to Hamanasi”

-Chris and Elisa Marchand, USA

“Everyone was very friendly and welcoming”

-Schine Family, USA

“Your staff works really hard to make guests welcome and comfortable.
Golden was very passionate about his job, he loves to learn
and teach about birds, plants and more.”

-Bonnie Penn, USA

“Let us move in, PLEASE!”

-Tom and Shelbi Ericsson, USA

“It is so nice to be around so many interesting and kind people. Thanks to everyone”

-Sally and Jess Sheneberger, USA

“Your website is very accurate. After checking out the other resorts here,
we definitely made the right choice”

-Dawne Skiera, USA

“I highly recommend this location, this hotel and the people here.
I have never felt so welcomed and comfortable. Simply terrific”

-Blake and Sarah Smith, USA

“You’ve got it just right”

-Debi and Carl, USA

“Everyone from the Front Desk staff to the Guides to the support staff made this a wonderful stay”

-Kevin Brewster, USA

“All staff went beyond their duties. You should be proud of your property”

-Cheryl Lusson, USA

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