Hamanasi Guest Book – March 2006

“We felt well taken care of”

-Larry and Shirley Buchanan, USA

“We met everyone here. Everyone was down to earth and made us feel extremely welcome.  This is the best resort we have ever been to!”

-Mr. and Mrs. Dougherty, USA

“Pedro is an excellent guide, Stacey worked extra hard to make us happy”

-Barbara Stern, USA

“The dive crew made each dive better than the last”

-Haley Mathies, USA

“The ambience and the personalities and genuine friendliness of the staff was exceptional.  A lost art at most resorts. Bravo!”

-Richard and Carolyn Borga, USA

“Wonderful warm staff, excellent guides, variety of inland tours, very comfortable rooms”

-Julie Wood, USA

“Impressed by the number of different spots to snorkel and explore”

-Leslie Graham and Tom Murphy, USA

“We got certified here and the staff was very organized and professional”

-Kevin and Rhonda, Canada

“Your staff is wonderfully trained. Everyone was such a professional, but more importantly their individual personalities shined through creating personal connections”

-Mike and Janine Cook, USA

“This was the perfect getaway and reunion with best friends.  The access to both Diving and Tours cannot be matched”

-Ron Werft, USA

“Keep up what you are already doing. We really can’t say enough about the excellent service overall”

-David and Sarah Manningsmith, USA

“I enjoyed the combination of inland and water tours”

-Leslie Carter, Canada

“Our best vacation ever”

-Jodi Mathies, USA

“Karin, Richard, Eric, Sam, Shawn and Stephanie were fantastic. They made our stay quite delightful. Thanks for everything!”

-Josh Curtin, USA

“Neal was an excellent guide, we very much liked him. Lucky a very good Scuba instructor, Pedro very good guide”

-Alexa Caturay, Canada

“Extremely professional and pleasant Dive Masters and Captains”

-Heather Chaplin, USA

“I am happy that I was able to stay at Hamanasi”

-Olivia Shubin, USA

“Snorkeling was just perfect. This was by far the best snorkeling we have seen.  Everyone was delightful, professional and helpful”

-Sophie and Cameron Sisler, USA

“Every member of staff added his/her own level of enjoyment to the comfort and easiness of this trip”

-Emily Chaplin, USA

“Overall the entire Hamanasi experience has the perfect rhythm/pace, balance of relaxation and activities (physical and learning)”

-George and Pam, USA

“Everyone was so friendly and helpful to us.  Thank you to King the best Bartender, Neal an awesome snorkel guide.  Golden – extremely knowledgeable about birds.  Also the entire dive crew and the friendly wait staff such as Pauline”

-Anne and Al Ralston, Canada

“We were thrilled with everything. You guys were fabulous”

-William and Shana Jukes, USA

“All the staff made us feel welcome, very warm, inviting. This is a place were people get to unwind and the staff helps make that possible”

-Kevin and Lisa Ledwith, USA

“Stephanie and Stacey great help at front desk, Patrica for just a little bit more.  Golden is the best Tour Guide, Shawn is a great Dive Master.  Eric was a great snorkeling guide”

-Jeff Holt, USA

“Pedro, Eric, Jessica, King, Kim, Stephanie and Patricia made our stay more enjoyable”

-Tobia Holden, USA

“Pedro, Junior and Eric were great guides.  Kim and Birilla were wonderful servers. Birilla always made sure I had decaf coffee in the mornings without asking”

-Stephanie Holden, USA

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