Hamanasi Guest Book – March 2009

“All staff was truly superb.  The set-up of bar/dining/pool encourages a
warm congenial atmosphere – it’s like a big house party & everyone feels
welcome – plus it seems truly genuine.”  

-Susan & Jim Gleason, Champain, IL  (repeat guests)

“Every singe person we met here helped us with anything we needed – and was
incredibly friendly.  It was the best customer service experience we could
ask for.”  

-Jennifer & Andy Corbett,  Atlanta, GA

“The staff was fabulous!  It’s not a matter of “if” we will come back, just
a matter of “when” :-)” 

-Robert & Cynthia DeSimone. Wrentham, MA

“Beautiful and unique!  Incredible vacation – we will be back!!!  We really
appreciate the natural beauty helping preserve the ecosystem.  We also value
the way you serve the community and help provide in many ways.” 

-Steve & Trina Greer, Cincinnati, OH

“This is an incredible resort.  The friendliest, most accommodating staff of
any resort we have ever stayed!  Thank you!” 

-Mindy & Harry Ferran, Gainesville, GA

“Everyone that works here did a great job in their own way.  Everyone was
great!  You guys have the best quest service out of any place that I have
ever stated!!!  I really mean that!”  

-Nick and Christy Fermoile,  Reno, NV

“I like the small, personalized atmosphere – people get to know each other &
share parts of their lives.  The coziness is part of the charm!” 

-Carol & Leo, Litchfield, MN

“The wedding was the most beautiful event, and we had no stress.  Thank You,
Thank You, Thank You!” 

-Chip and Teresa McGeehan,  Marshfield, MO

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