Hamanasi Guest Book – May 2006

“Giovanni was so patient and caring.  Special thanks to Stephanie, Alicia and Domingo who were always there to help.  Lorenzo, Pedro and Golden always went out of their way to make the inland tours a pleasure”

-Stephen Beggan, USA

“Karin stayed on top of everything.  King and Jessica were great personalities to be out front and center”

-Kari and Bill Chicoine, USA

“Very well trained staff”

-Mike and Linda Williams, USA

“The first name basis with employees makes us feel special and welcomed.  We loved every minute of it”

-Patrick Moloney, USA

“Dive Staff was great.  Pauline the hostess for dinner very friendly”

-Amy and Dave Bittrich, USA

“Compliments on the great food and relaxing atmosphere”

-Neil Noreno, USA

“Eric and all the Dive Staff were a pleasure to be with”

-Joe and Merry, USA

“Excellent all around, we could not believe the packed lunches were as good as the lunches on site”

-Megan and Allen Tucker, USA

“Beautiful and quaint resort, everyone was extremely friendly”

-Fernanda and Jose Torres, USA

“Front Desk was always helpful and attentive…Alicia was our surrogate mother.  King and Smokey are hilarious and considerate.  Golden and Pedro are great, informed guides.  Entire staff always had a smile”

-Joshua and Amy Toopes, USA

“Hamanasi Resort is hands down the nicest most friendly, most spectacular resort we have been to and we have traveled all over the world.  We are awestruck; you all treated us like we have been coming here for years, like old friends. The service you gave us on our 15th anniversary was second to none”

-Vicki and Bruce Hill, USA

“Everyone was very helpful”

-Teresa and Byron Bateman, USA

“Stacey made sure a lot of our needs were met and really takes a personal interest in each guest.  She is very good”

-Skip and Nici Haerter, USA

“Pedro was excellent especially during the night hike.  The entire Front Desk staff were always friendly and accommodating. Stacey was exceptionally helpful.  Pauline was always a pleasure to see and the entire Dive Crew was excellent”

-Jason and Amy Miller, USA

“Dining staff are lovely and friendly. Food is amazing”

-Anneliese and Andrew, Australia

“Seven star status”

-Shane and Brenna Thomas, USA

“Everyone was wonderful. Golden, Pauline and King just added the little something to make our stay more personal and enjoyable”

-Aimee Panato, USA

“Everyone here is so friendly and professional.  I was impressed at how quickly the staff remembered our names.  Very personal”

-Rebecca Richards and Eugene Berta, USA

“Stephanie was a pro at confirming all our departure details”

-Indra Salazar, USA

“Shawn, Giovani, Sam, King, Richard, Boss, Eric, Dale, Kamally and Karin all made very good impressions on us.  We were immensely pleased with the attention and equipment service of the Dive Shop – Outstanding!”

-Debra Scheenstra and David Curtis, USA

“The staff was terrific, very good service, sweet and friendly.  They made every meal a pleasant experience. The Dive Staff was great”

-Barbara Palermo, USA

“Terrific staff, very professional, attentive and patient”

Mike and Usha Rafferty, USA

“Everyone was so nice.  Stacey thank you so much for everything you did to help make our stay so wonderful”

-Trent Mobley, USA

“Neal was a wonderful guide who made us feel safe and showed us so much”

-Al Seydzowski and Cathy Miller, USA

“You go out of your way to take care of your guests needs, Andrew and Jessica are great”

-Sandi and Darlene, USA

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