Hamanasi Guest Book – September 2006

“The entire Dive Team was perfect.  King, Clarence, Smokey, Patricia and Domingo are great staff!”

-Cedile and Sal, USA

“Your service is beyond our highest hopes.  We felt like we were welcomed into a warm home, not just a resort.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

-Matt and Estella Wilson, USA

“The entire Front Desk, bar, dining room and tour staff were always friendly, courteous and patient.  They are the factor that set the resort apart and above the others”

-Susan Frederick, USA

“Appears to be nicest resort in the area, we did already recommend Hamanasi to 2 travelers”

-Jeff and Betty Bogda, USA

“Management does a wonderful job.  Personnel accommodates well.  Everyone was nice and made us feel at home”

-Jamie, B.  USA

“You have excellent staff all were very friendly, sociable and kind.”

-Lindy Morton, USA

“Can’t get better!”

-Andrew Walter, USA

“No one could ask for more”

-Darryl Oakes and James Wessinger, USA

“Everybody was awesome”

-Andy and Michelle, USA

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