Hamanasi Resort holds Industry Awareness Training

On August 26th, 2009 Hamanasi held the Implementation of the Code of Conduct Training presented by Mrs. Maria Vega, representative of Belize Tourism Industry Association and NOPCAN. A total of 17 of Hamanasi front line staff were present for the training. Since 2004, BTIA, along with regional tourism counterparts, has agreed on a Regional Plan of Action to address the worldwide problem of commercial sexual exploitation of children. The commitment of the tourism industry is to ‚Äúdisseminate and apply the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism as approved by the World Tourism Organization, especially with regard to the protection of children and adolescents‚ÄĚ. Hamanasi has been a member of the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children for 2 years. The training objective was to bring about awareness of the exploration of children in the hospitality and tourism industry. Hopefully, with more awareness comes more demand for action, on a worldwide basis, to stop these unacceptable acts.

Hamanasi & Humane Society Team Up for Success in Belize!

Hamanasi recently helped sponsor free veterinary clinics for Hopkins Village. Hamanasi supports many local village projects, including the Hopkins Belize Humane Society (HBHS). The veterinary team from Oxford, Mississippi of Kathy Kvam, Kerry O’Donoghue, Jack Williams and Clara Lee Arnold enjoyed a fantastic stay at Hamanasi while working at the local clinic. This visit was the second trip to Hopkins and Hamanasi for the vet team, who love to combine a lot of hard work at the vet clinics with some great Hamanasi fun!

Thanks to the efforts of the HBHS, Hamanasi and the vet team from Mississippi, over 50 local animals were given free spay/neuter surgeries, and another 40 free veterinary care, including deworming, flea and tick removal, wound care, and many, many other treatments.
Hamanasi supports the HBHS in an ongoing basis to help the people and animals in the village of Hopkins to live happier, healthier lives!
Please feel free to bring donations to help Hamanasi’s effort on your next visit!

Hamanasi Community Project Success

It’s truly amazing to see the kindness and compassion that so many people have when given the opportunity to donate time and talent towards community projects. Hamanasi recently helped to promote a free spay and neuter clinic that was made possible thanks to the generous support of vets and assistants from the US., and many volunteers from the local community of Hopkins. The clinic was a 4-day marathon of surgeries and treatment for local animals. it was a huge success by all standards. A special “thanks!” to Clara Lee, who’s generous support of the Hopkins Humane Society is an inspiration to all of us!

“Thank you”, also, to our many guests that bring donations of pet supplies!

Hopkins Humane Society in Belize

Hamanasi is proud to be a supporter of the newly formed Hopkins Humane Society. The organization brings down volunteer veterinarians from the U.S. and Canada to do “no cost/low cost” clinics that provide spay/neutering, vaccinations, treatments and care of all animals brought into the clinics. They are also conducting puppy classes to promote the care and training of pets. Generous donations of collars, leashes and other pet supplies being brought to Hamanasi’s by thoughtful guests are being given to anyone attending the puppy classes and bringing their pets to the clinics! Thank you to everyone for the support and donations already starting to come in!!!

Hamanasi & Project Aware Clean Beaches

Beach clean-up!
On Saturday, March 31, 2007, Hamanasi organized a Hopkins Village beach cleanup. Young boys and girls of the Holy Family School and Hopkins Police Cadets worked with team leaders from Hamanasi on this PADI Project Aware effort. Hamanasi provided trash bags, transportation and lunch, while the kids brought their own rakes and shovels. Hamanasi’s Security Supervisor, Walton “Boots” Rodriguez who lead this effort said, “We wanted to teach the children the importance of keeping our beaches clean. The project was timely as the village was clean for the Holy Family School’s Easter fair.” THANK YOU, EVERYONE, for your hard work!