Hamanasi Guest Book – January 2010

“This trip was exactly what we were looking for!” 

-The Borries Family, Raleigh, NC

“Keep up the good work! We loved our week at Hamanasi!”

-Debbie and Doug Shearer, Stow, OH

“Beautiful grounds, wonderful staff, made us feel so welcome and at home!”

-Mark and Stephanie West, Lake Zurich, IL

“This vacation was absolutely perfect. It was the right balance of adventure and relaxation!”

-Cheri and Steve, Burlington, CT

“Everyone went beyond the call of duty to make our trip more enjoyable and pleasant. Everyone is so friendly!”

-Mallory and Terri Christianson, San Diego, CA

“Everyone was warm, gracious and accommodating. The people here are well-schooled in the care of guests. The here was a large part of our experience, and they were all excellent!”

-Vickie and Tim Ganahl, Scottsdale, AZ

“The entire staff was friendly and eager to help. Tour guides and Dive Masters were GREAT!”

-Ralph and Kari Cade, Dallas, TX

“This was our honeymoon and we had the best time ever! Better than we even imagined. Belize is amazing, but on a vacation, the people make the difference. The staff (& guests) made this a trip of a lifetime for us. Thank you!”

-Katie and Mike Bumgarnerm, Glenville, NC

“Everything exceeded our expectations. We appreciate everyone’s hard work and pleasant attitudes!!”

-Chuck and Kristen Berkshire, Cypress, TX

Every staff member is fantastic – friendly, knowledgeable, helpful. Thank you all for a wonderful vacation!!”

-Doug and Anne McGill,

“It’s great to find a place that cares about their surroundings!

-Ben and Shawndel Spader, Cotton Grove, MN

“Hamanasi is a very special slice of heaven!”

-Kekoa and Chelsea Renaud, Whitby, Ontario

Hamanasi Guest Book – December 2009

“Overall level of management coordination and team orientation really shows – congrats! How you keep track & remember everyone’s name is amazing.”

-J Stan Malos, San Jose, California

“Excellent work put into informing guests about saving water, towels and to be nice to the environment and the reef. We just had our dream honeymoon!”

-Nicole & Glen Hendrickson, Canada

“We appreciate your eco-friendly efforts and awareness!”

-Erica Marintez & Stewart Neilson, Sterling, Virginia

“I don’t see how you can improve. Trip Advisor rates you as #1 for 3 years in a row. I believe!”

-Mitchell & Rhonda Stuve, Hughson, California

“I work for a hotel in the States, and seeing the amazing customer service and “service with a smile” blew me away. All of your workers give their all and their efforts did not go unnoticed – WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for everything.”

-Megan Speice, U.S.A.

“This is one of the best experiences we’ve had. Loved the mixture of adventure tours, luxury accommodations and amazing staff! We’d recommend Hamanasi to anyone!”

-“Jay” Geneske, U.S.A.

“Thank you all for making our wedding and stay so memorable! Keep doing what you’re doing – the personal touches are amazing!”

-Philip & Sarah Gaudin, Jersey, UK

“Thank you for taking time to get to know us & for letting us get to know you!”

-Dina Holbrook, Canada

“I have never seen a resort so dedicated to the environment. Thank you! Please keep everything as is. You are perfect! The best vacation ever!”

-Anne Krzywicki and Duncan McCallum, Glen Ellen, California

“Never have we stayed in a place where we felt more welcome. We will truly miss Belize, but we will truly miss the folks who make hamanasi special.”

-Alan and Terri Eastman, Hanover, New Hampshire

Hamanasi Guest Book – November 2009

“I wouldn’t change a thing. It was all wonderful.” 

-Sarah & Chad Teachout, Texas

“This was a perfect vacation!”

-Amy & Steven Rogers, Washington, DC

“Probably one of the best places I have stayed in and I have traveled all over the world”

-Rod Wechsler, Canada

“Hard to improve on perfect!”

-Creig Danyleyko, Canada

“The staff’s friendliness and ability to remember names is unrivaled – we can’t say enough good things.”

-Nell & Stephen Green, Vancouver, WA

“Everything was amazing. Thank you staff at Hamanasi!!”

-Brenna & Nick Zinevich, Scottsdale, AZ

“The most impressive aspects of this first-class resort were the staff & the food. Really exceptional service!”

-Barbara Butler & Jeffrey Bendis, Woodstock, VT

“We loved it!”

-Christine & Ed Collet, Minneapoli, MN

Hamanasi Guest Book – August 2009

“Everyone was extremely friendly and courteous.  Everyone made the honeymoon wonderful.  We were always a name before a number.  Service is perfect!”  

-Bryan Berry and Rebecca Green, Knoxville, TN, USA

“This was such a unique trip – we were expecting GREAT things from reviews on line, and you exceeded our expectations!  Thank you!” 

-Frank Siano & Dana Orkins, Norwalk, CT, USA

“We have been so comfortable and happy here.  Our 10-year anniversary couldn’t have been better spent anywhere else.  Thank you so much!” 

-Aaron & Jennifer York, Gregory, MI, USA

“I have never been to a place where people are so genuine and thoughtful.  Amazing and unforgettable experience!  Hamanasi is a truly amazing resort & the staff is what makes this place so great!” 

-Katie Loewen, Houston, TX, USA

“We have travelled many places in the world but have never experienced service as friendly and helpful as at hamanasi.  You have received the Best Resort in Belize award – we think that you deserve Best Service in the World award!”

-Murray Family, Laguna Niguel, CA, USA

“I have traveled to a lot of places and Belize has the friendliest staff & managers.” 

-Dianne  and Dale DeNardo, Phoenix, AZ, USA

“We like the resourcefulness & smart green use of energy.”  

-Carla Rollandina & Mike Dzatko, Annandale, VA, USA

Hamanasi Guest Book – July 2009

“Thanks to you all for making our honeymoon one amazing, wonderful & loving vacation!!”  

-Sarah & Edwin Versteeg, Murfreesboro, TN, USA

“The hospitality was outstanding, the atmosphere had a wonderful intimate feeling & the adventures were fun & exciting.  The entire staff was enjoyable and outstanding.” 

-Genese and Joseph Miglietta, Scottsdale, AN, USA

“We loved it here.  We have never been so well-taken care of by any staff ever!”

-Chris and Debbie Watts, Hurst, TX, USA

“Our holiday here was perfect.  Great job!” 

-Susan Nadin-Davis, Canada

“Hamanasi is a little slice of paradise.  It was the perfect place to honeymoon!  Just keep doing what your are doing…”

-Patrick & Drea Jones,  Omaha, NE, USA

“You have done such a beautiful job of making a luxury ‘resort’ that still has the feel of Belize – not like a “hotel anywhere”.  We truly loved it.” 

-Bryan & Deena Davidson, St. Louis, MO, USA

Hamanasi Guest Book – March 2009

“All staff was truly superb.  The set-up of bar/dining/pool encourages a
warm congenial atmosphere – it’s like a big house party & everyone feels
welcome – plus it seems truly genuine.”  

-Susan & Jim Gleason, Champain, IL  (repeat guests)

“Every singe person we met here helped us with anything we needed – and was
incredibly friendly.  It was the best customer service experience we could
ask for.”  

-Jennifer & Andy Corbett,  Atlanta, GA

“The staff was fabulous!  It’s not a matter of “if” we will come back, just
a matter of “when” :-) “ 

-Robert & Cynthia DeSimone. Wrentham, MA

“Beautiful and unique!  Incredible vacation – we will be back!!!  We really
appreciate the natural beauty helping preserve the ecosystem.  We also value
the way you serve the community and help provide in many ways.” 

-Steve & Trina Greer, Cincinnati, OH

“This is an incredible resort.  The friendliest, most accommodating staff of
any resort we have ever stayed!  Thank you!” 

-Mindy & Harry Ferran, Gainesville, GA

“Everyone that works here did a great job in their own way.  Everyone was
great!  You guys have the best quest service out of any place that I have
ever stated!!!  I really mean that!”  

-Nick and Christy Fermoile,  Reno, NV

“I like the small, personalized atmosphere – people get to know each other &
share parts of their lives.  The coziness is part of the charm!” 

-Carol & Leo, Litchfield, MN

“The wedding was the most beautiful event, and we had no stress.  Thank You,
Thank You, Thank You!” 

-Chip and Teresa McGeehan,  Marshfield, MO

Hamanasi Guest Book – February 2009

“There is a genuine friendly and open atmosphere among the staff that is
unique.  Keep that spirit and you will stay at the top.  It has been one of
our best stays ever. ”   

-Mats Widbom & Anette Forss,  Sweden

“We loved everything about our stay.  It was all we hoped for and more.” 

-John & Jessica Rounds, Shirley, MA, USA

“Local atmosphere was fantastic.” 

-Les & Cheryl Trost

“Everyone exceeded expectations!”

-Shawn Britton & Lisa Keenly,  El Dorado Hills, CA, USA

“All staff lovely – went above and beyond to make us comfortable.”  

-Elisa & Will Weber, Olivebridge, NY, USA

“We were looking for the perfect quiet vacation and we found it at Hamanasi,
a First-Class resort that captures the total Belizean package!”

-Todd & Cindi Weekly, Idelyd Park,  OR, USA

“We truly felt like family here – everyone remembered our names, answered
our millions of questions and were always happy.”  

-Sierra & Jeff Bonin, Wethersfield CT, USA

Hamanasi Guest Book – November 2008

“We came not knowing exactly what to expect and left with more than we imagined”  

-Michael Forster & Dana Pucillo,  New York, USA

“This is the perfect place for those looking for both adventure and relaxation” 

-Kristin and Ed Hohlt, Texas, USA

“We love it here!” 

-Angie Baertschiger and Matt Pearson, California, USA

“By far the best service we’ve ever experienced.  We would highly recommend Hamanasi to anyone.  You won’t regret it.” 

-Bill and Gretchen Lehman,  Colorado, USA

“Everything exceeded our expectations” 

-Wendy and Rich Brake,  Texas, USA

“I would recommend Hamanasi to everyone who plans to come to Belize.  This was the best honeymoon and pleasant vacation EVER!” 

-Brianna and Mitch Monroe,  Texas , USA

“The staff was the best of any place we’ver ever stayed.  Everyone was so friendly & cheerful.  It was a great atmosphere and so relaxing.”  

-Jennifer LeGrevellec and Jason Chapman, Texas , USA

“We have traveled all over the Caribbean and not found the service we have experienced at Hamanasi.” 

-Mike and Angie Rouse, Tennessee, USA

“Thank you for making our stay in Hopkins memorable” 

-Johanne Cave, Canada

“We loved how attentive and accommodating everyone was.  The epitome of customer service!” 

-Sara and David Bright, New Jersey, USA

“Service all around was outstanding; fantastic honeymoon!” 

-Dave and Kristy Ruffner,  Florida, USA

“It was one of the best holidays we have ever had !!  So very different, so un-touristy.”  

-Dick and Marcia Benton, Massachusetts, USA

Hamanasi Guest Book – July 2008

“The entire staff was excellent.  They all worked as a team to ensure a quality stay for all guests.”  

-Paul Reilly & Geraldine Mannion, Melrose, MA

“They were all very friendly – went out of their way to make us happy!” 

-Steve Hardin, West Palm Beach, Florida

“The individual service is the reason I would come back!” 

-Kim Lewis & Jonathan Crook,  Willimgton, NC

“The whole staff is to be commended for excellent customer service – best we ever experienced!” 

-Patty & Woody Willhite, Weatherford, Texas

“You guys are amazing and the friendliest people ever!  We loved our stay at Hamanasi!” 

-Andy & Annie Allen , Uniontown, WA

“Keep doing what you’re doing – you’re right on target” 

-Cathy Jackson, Nixa, MO

“Everything was wonderful – glad we chose this resort in Belize!  Culture was very interesting!” 

-Carrie & Kent Pegg, Los Alamos, NM

“Everyone at Hamanasi treated us with genuine warmth and respect.” 

-Stephanie Dees, Cloudcroft, NM

“You have a great thing going” 

-Darryl & Lora Thomas ,  Snohomish, WA

Hamanasi Guest Book – June 2008

“Hamanasi was truly the perfect place for our honeymoon.  Kind staff – immense relaxation.”

-Kristine & Christian Grill, Wilmington, DE

“Everyone was amazing.  It was nice to be somewhere that the staff actually knows who you are.”

-Brad & Sara, MD

“This was the most amazing vacation – so relaxing and challenging at the same time.”

-Larry & Caryl Mobley, Richardson, Texas

“Every staff member was excellent.  Pat of the Hamanasi charm is the staff.  They went above their duty to make sure our stay was awesome!”

-Trevor & Megan Wicker, Fort Collins, CO

“You all do such a good job of creating a comfortable environment.  We really had a great time.  We enjoyed meeting all of you – so nice!”

-Gloria & Robert Varley, Athens, GA

“The whole staff was amazing.  It was perfect in every way.  The staff made us feel welcome.  Please keep up the great work.  We will be back!”

-Shawna & Adam Buck, Jacksonville, FL

“UNBELIZEABLE!!!.  Not enough space to tell you how amazing our entire experience was!  Our best vacation in our lives!!”

-Lee Brotherton & Rob Koch, Scottsdale, AZ

“Under the extreme circumstances (flash flooding)  I want to commend the staff at Hamanasi for their great leadership & support.  Thank you!”

-Chris & Wendo Vassiliou, Jenks, OK

“Everyone we came in contact with made us feel spoiled!”

-Jennifer & Jason Parker, Marietta, GA

“The staff was VERY attentive to our every need.  Knowing everyone’s name gives a real friendly atmosphere.”

-Matt and Stephanie Movre, Byhalia, MS

“It was a perfect stay!”

-Julia & Anthony Bayless, Silver Spring, MD

“All we can say is we loved it here and we will definitely be returning.  Everyone was wonderful.  If it was any better, we would never leave!”

-Greg & Dede LaPlante, Westcliffe, CO