“Hamanasi Guest Book – April 2011″

Seremei (means THANK YOU in Garifuna) to all our guests that visited us in April.  We hope your Hamanasi and Belize experience was everything you imagined and more!  Below are some of the comments from guests that visited during the month of April. We look forward to seeing you again in the near future!

“Customer service was beyond excellent and extremely consistent among all employees.  You must have detailed training!”

Barbara Wilson, Silt, CO

“The whole staff exceeded our expectations.  Above the norm of destination experience.”

Deb and Bill Barum, Cleveland, OH

“Everyone was great.  We’ve never stayed anywhere where we’ve been made to feel so universally welcome.  Everyone was friendly and helpful.”

Thomas Haglund and Family,  Sherman Oaks, CA

“You can’t improve perfection!”

Thomas Boreen and Family, Canada

“My visit was personal from the minute I arrived. How do you remember everyone’s name!  Diverse adventures available each day with very knowledgeable guides and beautifully attended grounds.  Have never been any where that each person/staff were so friendly, which for a woman traveling alone made it very comfortable.”

Karen Keir, Mount Forest, ON

“Everyone has been amazing, I feel like part of your family.  A big thank you from the bottom of my heart to all.  You rock this world!”

Alexandra Smithie, South Africa

“Nice harmony with nature.  Professional, friendly, warm and willing to go the extra mile to make it happen. Thank You!”

Todd Weekly and Family, Idleyld Park, OR

“The entire staff was absolutely wonderful.  Just continue with the wonderful customer service.  We had the most fantastic honeymoon.”

Cooper and Jessica Campbell, Rockville, MD

“The staff talent was solid. What strikes me most if the quality and genuine culture.  Nice reminders and sense of pride and ownership.”

Mike Dempsey and Family, Oshkosh, WI


“Hamanasi Guest Book – March 2011″

On behalf of Hamanasi Staff and Management, we want to thank everyone that visited us for the month of March.  We hope that you all have a great vacation experience with us and we can’t wait to have you back!

“It is always said there are always ways to improve – however, in the case of Hamanasi it would be difficult to find anything to improve on! Keep up your excellent personal service!”

Roger and Cheryl Haney, Orlando, FL

“Everyone was extremely pleasant and fun.  Many went out of their way to help us – even when we didn’t ask.  Service was excellent!  How do you improve that!”

Caroline  Swartz, Green Valley, AZ

“This is a 5 star place.  I don’t know how you can improve it!”

Anthony Varilone,  Soda Springs, ID

“Hamanasi exceeded our expectations in every way.   Everyone was wonderful. The staff was so friendly and helpful.  The food was wonderful and the menu was modified for my allergies.”

Dan Clark and Marianne Baker, Bellevue, WA

“So incredible, helpful, thoughtful, kind and hard-working staff.  The best any where in the world!”

Richard Stewart and Family, New York, NY

“Staff is very proactive and attentive. Very pleasant experience with everyone we interacted with. Wonderful customer service!”

Amber Lewis and Molly Foos, Morrow, GA

“Keep up the good work – this place is awesome.  Thanks you so much very much.  We loved it!!!”

Chuck and Debbie Pugmire, Soda Springs, ID

“I love the efforts you make to keep the environment sage.   This is a big part of why we came here.”

Mike Colwell, Ankery, IA

“Everyone we met seemed cheerful and friendly.  Many went out of their way to learn our names and address us by them.  That is nice.”

Alan and Anne Brinkley, Norman, OK

“Everyone has such a great attitude ad enthusiasm.  Very knowledgeable staff.”

Carolyn Long, Austin, TX

“Hard to improve on perfection!  Just keep doing what you are doing.  In reality, everyone we came in contact was helpful and made our stay tremendous.  Have come to love your country as you do. Keep up the great work.”

Sam and Ellie Lanier, Athens, GA

“Everyone was helpful + never without a smile.  Impressive!”

Susan and Martin Ferron, Spring, TX

“Every staff member showed an interest in us, made us feel welcomed, always asked about our day.  What a treat!”

Marian Smith and Lucy Emery, Boulder, CO

“Everyone was consistently friendly, helpful and enthusiastic. Excellent service, nice personal touch remembering our names thought out our stay. We always felt safe and secure, here and on tours.  Perfect size of resort where you can be busy or just relax, can be alone or share adventure tour stories with other guest during happy hour.”

Jane and Steve Malo, Simcoe, ON

“Very bright and friendly staff, good with good understanding of customer service.”

Rickets, North Liberty, IA

Hamanasi Guest Book – February 2011

Below is a selection of comments from real guests that were here with this February.  From the Hamanasi staff to all our guest this last month, thanks for coming and we hope you had a great time and we can’t wait to have you back!

“Honestly, I don’t know what would have made our stay more enjoyable, since I can’t think of a team better than PERFECT or FLAWLESS.  We search for an eco-friendly vacation and Hamanasi exceeded our expectations.  Hamanasi lives by their mission statement and every employee showed they truly believed in the mission statement.”

Paul Jacobs,  Brunswick,  ME

“Service was great, we were taken care of.  Good eco-friendly examples, more should follow.”

Cindy McGowin and Family, Sag Harbor, NY

“I really think Hamanasi is outstanding! We can’t fault you, and we travel a lot.  Your service and the atmosphere really made the experience.  Your staff are the best ever!!”

Brent and Barbara Callaghan, Mountain View, CA

“Keep it as it is!!!”

Chris and Cara Kirkwood, Manlius, NY

“Continue what you are doing.  Absolutely wonderful place to visit.”

Karen and Stephen Dale, Roseville, CA

“Just keep doing what your doing!  You’re saving the world.”

Richard Hitchcock and Family, Attleboro, MA

“Overall ~ just an excellent stay!”

Andrea and Dana Paff, Madison, WI

“Kidnap us ~ some can stay longer!  Loved it!!! Wonderful, quiet and relaxing place to stay.”

Kathy and Ralph Blanco, Wheaton, IL

” Service is excellent, very well organized – no suggestions.”

Theresa and Bob Doble, Alberta, Canada

“All experience here was just about perfect.  It’s hard to imagine a better resort, or a better vacation.  Very  happy to know the resort is so eco-friendly”

Ryan and Heather Levin, Los Angeles, CA

“Everyone went out of their way to see that our stay was remarkable.”

Waymond and Cindy Gauntt, Denton, TX

Hamanasi Guest Book – January 2011

“All staff went the extra mile to provide the best service.”

Nancy Moore and Shannon Stanford, Apex, NC

“Keep it up ~ all prior guest comments about guest service were totally validated!”

Jason and Laura Glickman, Chicago, IL

“Hamanasi is the best ~ we felt like royalty!”

Betty Jacobs and Family, Brunswick, Maine

“Everyone as wonderful.  Resort and hotels tend to be wasteful, it was refreshing to see Hamanasi take the time to be eco-friendly.”

Haley and Darren Duquette, Jericho, VT

“All were very impressive and personable!”

John and Tim Dipietropolo, West Palm Beach, FL

“Keep on smiling!”

Laura and Kreyne Sato, Lafayette, CA

“We would recommend Hamanasi to anyone we know.  Overall ~ 1st rate experience.”

Julia and Denis Erlich, Orient, NY

“Everyone is excellent. Impressed with their knowing of names and friendliness!”

Joanne Dearth and Family, London

“Everyone who we met was very helpful.  You couldn’t have done better!”

Melinda and Sally Pullen, Chandler, AZ

“Great job on the eco-friendly efforts.  They are very worthwhile… such a beautiful and peaceful place.”

Kathy Brant and family, Cumberland, MD

“The staff was very organized and very knowledgeable about all the aspects of the resort!”

Thomas and Cathy Gibbs, Glen Ellyn, IL

Hamanasi Guest Book – December 2010

Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous 2011.  A warm “Thank you”  to all our December 2010 guest!  From the Hamanasi staff to all our guest this month, thanks for coming and we hope you had a great time and we can’t wait to have you back!

“All  your staff member are a credit to your organization.  In this day and age companies have forgotten what the meaning of service represents.  You have found the secret to a successful business model/plan.   Keep up what you are doing.  It works and thank you for a great vacation.”

Hank and Linda Herdt,  York,  ME

“Awesome job done by all!!!”

Jill and RJ Wilhelm, Tecumesh, ON

“A beautiful place through and through! Very impressive work being done here.  Continue setting a great example.”

Daniel and Dave Cremons,  Minneapolis,  MN

“Great staff.  Each and everyone always ready with a smile.  They made you feel special in their lives.  Don’t every let it change.  Best vacation we’ve had.”

Shawn and Tommy Boyd,  Genoa, CO

“All the staff were fabulous and very service oriented, not a weak player amongst any of the people we came in contact with!!

Bret Walters and Family, Ontario, ON

“It was heaven!”

Hayden and Alysia Sample,  Garden Grove, CA

“Everybody was so engaging, upbeat, patient, sweet and articulate.”

Karl and Jane Sabo, Deerfield, MA

“Beautiful resort, exceeded expectations.  Staff is awesome!”

Joe and Patricia Masarek, Roswell, GA

“The Hamanasi team is simply the best!!!  They care about you and want you to truly enjoy yourself.  I was part of the family.”

L. H., Frisco, TX

“This is my 6th Belize dive adventure in the past 18 years and my best ALL around experience.”

Pat and Britt Moore, Ashland, OR

“Kudos to the owners for maintaining as much integrity for the land and her people as they can! Keep up the great job.  We so appreciate the time, effort and thoughtfulness for planning out what Hamanasi has done here.”

Terry and Nancy Borden, Lone, WA

“It felt like a week in paradise.  The wedding package offered was perfect for what we wanted.”

Parron Family,  Cape Girardeau, MO

“It was a fantastic experience that was even better than I thought it could be.”

Alex and Lana Rich,  Morrisville, NC

“Don’t grow – you are perfect!”

Kim Corbin-Lewis and Family, Logan, UT

“This was one of the best managed hotels I have ever been to.  Everyone was great.”

Kurt Kautz and Family, Lodi, CA

“Keep doing what you are doing already.  Very relaxing atmosphere, very cordial and fun to stay here at Hamanasi.”

Richard and Justin Lynch, Anchorage, AK

“Everyone was so friendly and helpful.  The staff all tried to remember our names.  The food was great and tours were amazing.”

Andrew and Christina Ehrhard,  Old Town, ME

“We loved this place.  Everything was great.”

Sarah and Chad Teachout, Dallas, TX

Hamanasi Guest Book – November 2010

“Thank you” to all our guests that visited us in November, 2010.  We hope your Hamanasi and Belizean adventures were everything you imagined and more!  Below are some of the comments from guests that visited during November.  We hope to see each and everyone of you yet again.

All the best from the Management and staff of Hamanasi ~

“I love eco-friendly efforts. It makes us feel like we aren’t just sucking down resources, but being aware of our impact on the local environment.  Don’t change anything!  Even with the hurricane scare, things were so great and we don’t want to go home.”

Stephanie and Kenny Capps,  Fairfax, VA

“All awesome!!!  Everything was perfect!”

Josh and Melissa Stewart, Van Nuys, CA

“The entire staff was great! Kid friendly, patient and knowledgeable!”

Kristina and Tim Coleman, Herndon, VA

“Knowing our names is GREAT!  Very personal.”

David and Michelle Smith, Quinton, VA

“Everyone was a joy to know.  I will never forget their kindness.  Wonderful, wonderful staff!!!  The reason we come to stay – we like Eco-Friendly resort.”

Donna  Peger and Thomas Ballman, Neptune, NJ

“Everyone was great!  Thanks for a great time.”

Matt and Bethany Brosicus,  Fort Myers, FL

“Every single member of Hamanasi staff was so nice and friendly! Having your own compose and garden is efficient.”

Kevin Cook and Amanda Miller, Oakland, CA

“As an activist, I really appreciate businesses making an effort to conserve and reuse. This is very refreshing.”

Emily Pederson, Minneapolis, MN

“Everyone was great.  LOVE the customer service.”

Jason and Michelle Pierce, Upland, CA

“Over-all a very attentive staff, warm and friendly!”

John Bardash and Liz Alquist, Denver, CO

“Everyone was so friendly and welcoming.”

Michelle and Dan Alderman, Carlsbad, CA

“We appreciate not only that Hamanasi is Eco-friendly, but encouraged and guided us on easy ways we could also help be Eco-friendly.”

Mitch and Zhanna Elkins, Selma, CA

“Continue the friendly and genuine customer service and guest interactions – this made our stay.”

Bella and Jon Obergefell, Lumberton, NC

“You’re doing great!”

Joan and Skip Wolfe, Vienna, VA

“Everyone was very friendly, kind, helpful and gracious.”

Bobby Best, Richardson, TX

Hamanasi Guest Book – October 2010

Thanks to all of our the guest that visited in October especially to those who were here throughout the unexpected weather conditions.  Thanks again for being so understanding and cooperative about it.  It indeed was an Adventure in itself.  We look forward to seeing you again in the near future!

“Such a low profile place with a small footprint.  Love the use of local people, local food, energy conservation – kudos.   It’s apparent that hospitality is the culture amongst the Hamanasi staff.  We felt like family.  Everyone know our names.”

Mike & Dorothy Ewener,  Sarnia,  Cananda

“All staff were friendly, happy, perfect – extra great!”

Katenna Jones & Brett Elfstrom,  Cumberland,  RI

“Service was wonderful.  It was a highlight of our stay.”

Sue & Fred Nolke,  Portland,  OR

“Everyone was friendly and welcomi.  We loved everything. Not even a hurricane could make this trip less than amazing.  Everyone kept us feeling relaxed and catered to.”

Jenna & Caleb Lyons,  Boxford,  MA

“Everybody was super friendly and made our stay here superb + one of a kind.”

Vicky Hoe & Paul Cesar,  New York,  NY

“The entire staff was wonderful. They all really shined and made our trip even more fantastic!”

Patricia & Randy Mora, Washington, DC

“We really appreciate the eco friendly efforts.  Please keep it up – it’s the natural wild beauty of Belize that makes it so appealing! Keep doing what you are doing.”

Patrick & Eliza Murphy,  Mebane,  NC

“We love Hamanasi!  Keep doing what you are doing.  The staff at Hamanasi are the most beautiful part about his resort.  They make us feel like family!”

Chelsea & Kekoa Renaud, Encinitas, CA

“I love how the resort is build around nature – we really felt we had and authentic wilderness adventure.  Everyone was incredible helpful and friendly and knowledgeable.  Whatever we needed, staff was more than willing to provide.”

Dave & Katie Milford,  Princeton,  NJ

“The entire staff was great! Thanks for treating us like we were the only couple around even during preparations for a hurricane.  Do not change your style of service!  A+! “

Justin Costa & Stephanie Piquette, Tiverton,  RI

“All the staff were friendly and very professional.”

Vanessa & Mark DeVary,  Lavon,  TX

“All the staff rocked!”

Molly Hellmuth & Patrick Convery,  Chappaqua,  NY

“This was an amazing trip -outstanding customer service.  The staff is the best.  Everyone was truly remarkable,  outgoing, friendly, much attention to detail.

Nancy and Mike Novotny,  Woodland,  CA

” Wonderful ideas for conserving.  Great!

James & Ellin Jaffe,  Philadelphia,  PA

“We love that the resort is so eco-friendly!  It’s refreshing to have a place like Hamanasi care so much about the environment.  Everyone here was awesome!  They all made us feel like a part of the Hamanasi family.  It was wonderful. ”

Dwain & Cathy Little,  Louisville,  GA

Hamanasi Guest Book – September 2010

A warm “Thank you” to all our September 2010 guest!  We ended our season with a bang and we are glad that you all were a part of it.  Here are some comments from guest that visit us during September.  Hope you all return to visit us here at Hamanasi sometime in the future.

~All the best from the Hamanasi Team

“Staff was very helpful in every way.  Inland guides had a vast knowledge of trees, plants, rocks and History.”

Maria Gaglio, Arlington, VA

“Everyone was exceptional-literally!  We have been to many properties in  many different places and we can honestly say that we have never met and entire staff so professional and talented.”

Matt and Linda Brennan, Burke, VA

“Stay the way you are!”

Jack and Connie Trybus, Cedar Hill, TX

“We’ve been splitting hairs trying to find improvements all around.  This place have been and incredible relaxing and simultaneously trilling vacation.  The people we’ve  met and things we’ve done have been fantastic.  This is a great little vacation community.”

Adam and Kim Taylor, Portland, OR

“Wow, this resort takes it’s eco-efforts SERIOUSLY!   Nuff said!  Well Done!”

Alan Irons, Columbus, OH

Eco Friendly Efforts – “EXCEPTIONAL!  One of the attractions I felt made my decision to come to Hamanasi! We love Hamanasi.”

Suzanne Coleman and Ardin Hogue, West Sacramento, CA

“Hamanasi obviously does all it can to preserve the nature beauty of Belize. Obvious 24/7 attention paid to all details.”

Lisa Simoncelli, Washington, DC

“Everyone was wonderful.  Loved it.”

Shari and Paul Hohos, Howell, MI

Hamanasi Guest Book – June 2010

“Thank you” to all of our guests for June, 2010!  We hope your Hamanasi and Belizean adventures were everything you imagined and more!  Below are some of the comments from guests that visited during June.  We hope to see each and everyone one of you yet again.

All the best from the Management and Staff of Hamanasi ~

“Best vacation of our lives!  Couldn’t have picked a better place to honeymoon”

Robert and Caitlin DeStefano, Woburn, MA

“Beautiful surroundings!”

Vicki and Eric Batterton, Delaware, OH

“It’s so beautiful here.  Every night the walk to our room was fragranced with the perfume of tropical flora.  We relaxed in hammocks strung between coconut laden palms.  Perfect honeymoon!”

Lindsay and Scott Gaspari, Woodstock, IL

“We had the best honeymoon ever!  thanks for the GREAT memories!”

Adam and Leanne Fleet, Pittsburgh, PA

“The family had a wonderful vacation.  The trip of a lifetime.  Thank you!’

Sharon and Les Arnold, Memphis, TN

“Thank you to all the Hamanasi staff!  This experience has been amazing and so personal!  Everything has been perfect and you have made our honeymoon so memorable!”

Chris and Andrea Clark,  Worcester, MA

“Every meal left us stuffed!  It was better than anywhere I’ve ever been!  The staff was better than anywhere else in the world!  We got to know each one, which is very unusual!  I will miss them all!”

Lexie and Dick Graf, Selah, WA

“You should be very proud of your eco efforts.  There is such pride in Belize and it shows.”

The Phillips Family, Fairplay, CO

“I was amazed that everyone knew our names, were genuinely sincere and care, and took care of our every need!”

Terry and Susie Campbell, Fort Collins, CO

“Every meal was outstanding!  Being greeted by friendly, smiling faces that truly cared and calling us by name really made us feel special.”

Amy and Rich Welch, Irmo, SC

“Food was excellent, service outstanding!  Everyone made us feel special.”

Ed and Kathy Fowlkes,  McKinney, TX

“Beautifully maintained tropical setting.  very respectful to the environment, very personal service!”

Andy McGahee, U.S.A.

“You have created a very unique resort experience.  Excellent dive staff!”

Rick and Yvonne Brusky, Palm Desert, CA

“It was paradise – thank you!”

Brooke and Ross Davis,  Manchester, MD

“Incredible level of service, warmth and humor in the staff.  We were blown away by the food & service!”

Dick and Kathleen Fine, San Francisco, CA

“Everything was perfect!  We are very sad to leave.”

Mike and Kristen Russo, Cleveland, OH

“Wonderful!  Felt like I was living in the rain forest but in luxury!”

Aimy and Brandon Wiley, Austin, TX

“This is the best resort we have ever been to – we will be back & will tell all of our friends!”

Lindsay Cohen and Pat Fagen,  Richmond, VA

Hamanasi Guest Book – May 2010

Below is a selection of comments from guests at Hamanasi this May. From the Hamanasi staff to all of our guests this past month, Thank you for coming. We hope you had a great time, and we can’t wait to have you back!

“This was a trip of a lifetime!!”

Steve Eckhart, Camas, WA

“Keep doing what you are doing – taking great care of your guests and making them feel welcome. Much appreciated! “

Mike & Shannon Novakovich, Pasco, WA

“Hamanasi is just fantastic. We had a great time and hope to be back soon!”

Tim & Karen Fox, Lanexa, VA

“Everything was PERFECT… “detailed to perfection”

Darwin & Shonda Darr, Tyler, TX

“Thanks for a wonderful honeymoon and the experiences of a lifetime!”

“Waimar & Miguel, Washington, DC