“Hamanasi Guest Book ~ August 2013”

“Everything surpassed our expectations. We came here as new diver because we wanted an operation we could trust and we found that here.”

Beth and Chris Rugg, Freeville, NY

“Keep doing what you are doing!!  Don’t change a thing about your great service.”

Roger and Susan Morgan and Family, Southlake, TX

“It’s early perfect!  We couldn’t have asked for a better honeymoon. I can’t think of anything we would have wanted different.”

Sean and Christy Wagner, Lakewood, OH

“We love that you are doing your best to protect the environment, this place is beautiful.’

 Bramdi Badie and Charles Rendles, Decatur, IL

“The eco-friendly efforts is one of the main reasons we choose Hamanasi.  All the details down to composting the extra food, is great and makes one feel good about vacationing here.”

Nick and Nathalie Hand, Philadelphia, PA

“Well trained staff, beautiful grounds and rooms.”

Svetlana Troshina, Pacifica, CA

“Everyone here was amazing!  We had a wonderful honeymoon and look forward to coming back in a few years.”

Nicholas and Collie Kresta, East Bernard, TX



  1. Paul Graves says:

    I have returned to Hamanasi Resort for 5 years to dive. I stay in the village; however, the dive center has always provided a good experience. My visit in Nov. 2013 was very pleasing. The dive center has improved during the past year. More organized, more professional, and the new dive pro manager is far more involved in the dive scheduling, staff and client welfare. The dive crew are well organized and professional on shore, the boat and at the dives sites.

  2. James and Laura says:

    We cam for our honeymoon and i surpassed all our expectations. Simply amazing experience. They took care of everything that we needed and we’re friendly and the food was aweosme. We will return ASAP.

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