“Hamanasi Guest Book ~ June 2014”

“Everyone was so kind and personable!  Great Customer Service!”

Pam Swaney, St.Louis, MO

“We are impressed with the eco-friendly efforts and strongly support the mission.  Every single person made our honeymoon the trip of a lifetime! Very personal attention and attention to detail throughout resort.”

Luke & Carolyn Head, Charleston, WV

“Keep as is – perfection cannot be messed it.”

Bonnie & Randy  Curry, Mision Viejo, CA

“You all are doing a fantastic job.  We like very much the personal attentiveness and small groups on tours.  Really makes a huge difference.”

Don & Judy Cates, Brunswick, GA

“Can’t improve on perfection!”

Irene Burns, Nokomis, FL

“The staff was very accommodating.  Every request was met with the response, “No problem”.  Every staff we came in contact with was always smiling and helpful.”

Courtney and John Tatum, St. Palm, CA

“Everything was fantastic!  I can’t wait to come back.”

Sam & Christian Johnson, Chicago, IL

“What a beautifully run resort.  Very efficient, professional and friendly.  Great job to all.”

Tessa Novak and Family,

“Don’t change a thing!”

Sara Hanner, Springfield, OR

“Everyone went out of their way to make our time here enjoyable.  We have travelled a lot over the past 30 years and have never had the attention given to us that Hamanasi has done – it is also evident that you give back to the community which means a lot.”

Diane & Henry Ansley, St Simon Island, GR

‘Everyone was fantastic!  Super friendly and helpful!  Everything was perfect.”

Amanda Schwinkendarf, Val Paraiso, IN

“You guys are the best!  You truly made us feel at home away from home!”

Karen Herrington and Family,

“Thanks you for a perfect honeymoon!”

Jennifer & Allista Howlett, Indianapolis, IN





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