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Hamanasi is celebrating Oceans Week this week from June 1st (World Reef Day) to June 8th (World Oceans Day). These international awareness days offer a chance for us to share what we know about protecting our oceans, and to be inspired and learn from others around the world who are working toward the same goal. Our choices matter, and together we can preserve our reefs and oceans for generations to come.

Oceans Week Tips of the Day

Each day during Oceans Week the Hamanasi Green Team will offer tips for how we can all take action to preserve our delicate ocean ecosystems. Guests will recognize that these tips are written on a leaf from Hamanasi’s namesake, the Hamans tree.

We have a week of activities planned – both educational and hands-on actions to protect our oceans and reefs. See the schedule below and check back as we update this post as the events take place.

June 1st – World Reef Day

World Reef Day Cleanup at South Water Caye

We kick off our Oceans Week events with a Green Team trash cleanup on South Water Caye. In honor of World Reef Day we head to this beautiful barrier reef island that is much loved by Hamanasi’s guests and dive crew who experience this little slice of heaven during surface intervals.

See images from the South Water Caye cleanup below. One of our Green Team participants was our Maintenance Quality Controller, Chris Che. During the cleanup Chris mentioned that he had lived his whole life in Belize, but had never been to the Belize Barrier Reef. Chris said he was “amazed at what he saw, inspired by the beauty, and more motivated than ever to continue protecting what we have”. We thought that was the perfect expression of what we can all hope to get from of World Oceans Week!

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Use Only Reef Safe Sunscreen at Hamanasi

Since 2019 Hamanasi has allowed only reef safe sunscreen on our boats and tours. Learn why and what makes a sunscreen reef-safe in this blog post

June 1st – June 8th

Lionfish Hunting Competition

The Lionfish is an invasive species that is proliferating across the Caribbean. It is a critical threat to many native reef species and to the entire Belize Barrier Reef Eco-System. During Oceans Week the members of the Hamanasi marine team will compete to remove the most Lionfish from our local reef.

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Oceans Week 2021: Lionfish Spearfishing Contest

What does hunting lionfish have to do with conserving oceans? A lot!

We had competitions for both staff and guests. In the staff competition, the winner was Garif or “Big Daddy” as many know him. Runner up was Evan. In the guest competition, our winner was Richard Ladd and runner up was Eduardo Quiérelo.

June 3rd

Paint & Sip Class: Paint With Me For the Sea

An art class for Hamanasi current guests led by our resident artist Shelly. Guests will create a one of a kind souvenir – their own canvas inspired by murals in the Pangea Seed Foundation’s Sea Walls – Artists for Oceans initiative. There are now more than 350 of these murals all over the world, raising awareness for ocean conservation. Check back to see the works of art from Shelley’s class, and learn about the Sea Walls program.

Check out these great photos of our Artists for Oceans Paint and Sip. Shelly instructed guests how to mix colors and other painting techniques. Meanwhile Areli, our Regenerative Ambassador, relayed the significance of each painting and the related conservation tips. A big shout out to Hamanasi guests Mandy Andrews, Elizabeth McCalley & Cheryl Ladd who created these beautiful paintings!

June 5th

Oceans Week Outdoor Movie Night

We will screen an ocean related film outside on the beach at Hamanasi for guests and staff.

Our first movie night at Hamanasi was officially a big hit! It turns out that under the stars on the beach at Hamanasi is a great place to watch a movie, and the perfect setting to learn more about our oceans, with the gentle soundtrack of the Caribbean sea in the background!

June 7th

Oceana Belize – Sustainable Fisheries Presentation

There’s always more to know about how to protect our reefs and oceans. We’ve arranged for our friends at Oceana Belize to make a presentation to Hamanasi staff on sustainable fisheries management in Belize.

Ms Shanda Sainsbury, who is the Stann Creek District representative for Oceana Belize, made a presentation focused on the importance of sustainable fisheries and how it affects the tourism industry. In attendance were waitstaff, purchasing department and marine guides. Shanda focused particularly on Oceana’s Fish Right, Eat Right initiative, a local Belizean certification program for sustainable seafood. Hamanasi is a member of Fish Right, Eat Right for sourcing all of our seafood for our restaurant.

June 8th – World Oceans Day

Hopkins Beach Cleanup

We will lead a beach cleanup in Hopkins village along with a local youth organization. There is no better way to celebrate World Oceans Day than in our own back yard with the next generation of ocean stewards.

For the last activity for Oceans Week we held a beach cleanup of the community area next to the church grounds in Hopkins Village. To add a little intrigue we made it a competition, and we had a 3 way tie of Hamanasi staff members, Kim from our Restaurant, Cordelia from Housekeeping, and Erlin from Maintenance. All 3 won dinner for 2 at Singanga Restaurant. In total, all the participants removed 38 bags and nearly 100 lbs of garbage from the community beach area. A great effort for everyone to be proud of, but at the same time, it’s yet another wake up call that we need to find more solutions to preventing trash from entering our oceans and beaches in the first place.