Explore the Grounds

Hamanasi’s grounds are an adventure of their own! Situated on 45 acres of beachfront property, with land set aside as a private nature preserve, Hamanasi features 4 eco zones: Beachfront, Littoral Forest, Pond and Savannah. In addition, we have many lush gardens.


Amidst our nearly 1,000-foot stretch of beachfront you will find various beach vines and flowers, such as morning glories and spider lilies, which help minimize beach erosion. Sand pipers dart along the tide and crabs scurry in and out of their tiny holes. In the water hiding in the golden sand may be an orange star fish or Southern stingray. Belize boasts the Caribbean’s largest population of manatees, which graze in the turtle grass range just off shore.

In this zone you will find our all our Beachfront Rooms and the Great House, as well as the pool and plenty of hammocks and lounge chairs.  Don’t forget to catch the sunrise from the palapa at the end of the dock or sunset from The Lookout on top of the Great House!  Swaying palms and soft Caribbean breezes will enliven your Belize honeymoon.  Ask for a bottle of fine champagne to accompany your beachside stargazing!

Littoral Forest

Much of Hamanasi’s property is coastal forest, one of the most threatened types of forests worldwide due to coastal development. Rather than clear all the trees, we build our treehouses amid them. Along windy paths are a plethora of trees, shrubs and vines including salt-tolerant Sea-grape, Satin-leaf, Trumpet, Red Gumbo-limbo, Mahogany, Coconut, epi-cacti and Ixora. Birds, bats, iguanas — and humans — love our countless wild fruit trees such as Cashew, Craboo, Coco Plum, Mango, Blackberry, Guava and more. Of course, you will find our namesake, Hamanasi or Hamans trees, with their multiple circular tiers. Orchids and bromeliads cling to branches, including the Belizean national flower, the Black Orchid. Raucous birds delight in the food and shelter this forest provides. You can wake up to the morning call and response of Chachalacas, watch the Red Lored Parrots zoom from tree to tree and hear the hooting of owls at night. Agoutis, Gibnuts, frogs and the occasional snake skirt around the forest floor.


At Hamanasi’s entrance and near the parking lots is a small pond. Although originally made when the soil was used for fill to build the Hopkins road, the pond now is teeming with life. Turtles, small fish and snails are residents. Wading birds such as Wood Storks and Snowy Egrets forage for food in its shallows. Morelets crocodiles migrate to and from the pond and often sun themselves on the central island. The best way to see this wildlife is from our boardwalk that goes over a portion of the pond. Just be sure not to get too close to the water’s edge!


Hopkins sits on a sandy strip behind which is a vast savannah. These grasslands are often marshy and rich in wildlife, such as Morelets crocodiles, snakes, wading birds, insects, small fishes, snails and more. The area serves as natural drainage before water enters nearby rivers, creeks and lagoons. Bird watchers will love this area as you can see many wading birds including the rare Jabiru Stork, Tricolored Herons, Roseate Spoonbill, Glossy Ibis, Jacanas, and Tiger Herons. As you would need to trudge through thick forest to see Hamanasi’s savannah land, the best place to view the grassland is from a bike or while strolling the Hopkins/Sittee River Road.

Lush gardens

Bursting with tropical flowers, shrubs, orchids and fruit trees. Enjoy hummingbirds and butterflies playfully darting amongst the explosion of colors.  Our main entrance path and the Adventure Center are set amidst these gardens.  Adjacent is the organic edible garden.  Ask for a tour of it!