Our favorite tour was the Maya ruins--very magical!

David & Melissa Scheker
Colorado, USA

The Caves & Jungle adventure--it was fun and unique to scramble through the caves.

Darlene, Andy & Jimmy Richards, Colorado, USA

We loved the Jaguar Prserve because the trails were interesting, the guide was knowledgeable and we saw a lot of birds.

Amber Grayson & Sydney Stewart, El Dorado Hills,

The Mayflower hike was great because of the beautiful waterfall and friendly, knowledgeable guides.

Rich Vanchina, Alabama, USA

The Mayan ruins were fascinating.

Cheryl Green,
Ontario , Canada
























Inland Adventures

Mayflower Jungle & Waterfall Hike | Cave & Jungle Adventure
Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary & Jaguar Preserve | Tropical Birding
Jungle River Canoeing & Kayaking | Magical Mayan History Tour

Hamanasi Inland Adventures

Belize's marine activities are so extensive and varied you could easily occupy your entire vacation on - or under - the water. But there is much to do onshore, as well! Mayan Ruins, virgin rainforests, caves with ancient artefacts, exotic plants and animals -- there is so much to explore on mainland Belize! Take a look at our inland trips to see what onshore adventures await you!

Please note that a licensed Belizean tour guide will accompany every inland excursion. Food is included in our onshore excursion prices. Below is our schedule of onshore adventures. If these adventures don't keep you busy there are plenty more things to do! Kayak in the sea. Take a bike along the Hopkins/Sittee Road passing through the sedge marsh teeming with birds. Swim in the sea or our 50-foot freshwater pool. Or, simply stroll through the Garifuna fishing village of Hopkins. Between offshore and onshore activities, you will never have a dull moment -- unless, of course, you simply want to relax in a hammock on the beach!


Intensity: Very Rigorous
Departure Time: 8:00 AM
Approx. Return Time: 3:00 PM
Food/Drinks: Light pack lunch, juice and water
What to Bring: Sturdy shoes, long pants and shirt, bathing suit, towel, camera, sunscreen, insect repellent, hat, binoculars, field guide.
Description: Just a short drive from Hamanasi is a thrilling hike through the rainforest leading to a waterfall. The Antelope Falls hike is a rigorous, steep trek to a 100-foot waterfall with an incredible top view all the way to the ocean. Further up the falls is a dipping pool perfect for cooling off. Nearby are the unexcavated remains of the ancient Mayan city of Mayflower. Archaeologists are still unearthing and piecing together the history of this modest Mayan ruin, which is over grown by the jungle. Orchids, birds and lush vegetation abound!

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Intensity: Moderate
Departure Time: 8:00 AM
Approx. Return Time: 3:00 PM
Food/Drinks: Light lunch, juice, and water
What to Bring: Sturdy shoes, long pants and shirt, bathing suit, towel, camera, sunscreen, insect repellent, hat, binoculars, field guide.
Description: Near Hamanasi is the world's only jaguar preserve, the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. Ringed on three sides by the Maya Mountains and towering Victoria's Peak, the Basin's 120,000 acres is also home to jaguarundi, margays, ocelots, pumas, deer, howler monkeys and tapirs. This trip begins with a stop at the traditional village of Maya Center where Mayan arts and crafts are for sale. The park offers a wide variety of hikes, including to Ben's Bluff, which has a spectacular view of the entire Basin, and to a waterfall where you can dip in the refreshing waters. Our knowledgeable guides identify the numerous plants, birds and fauna of the pristine rainforest. With over 290 recorded species of birds this park is ideal for birders. As jaguars and other cats are nocturnal, it is unlikely that you will see them, but you can spot fresh tracks. Bring your binoculars -- as you trek through this rainforest you'll see a plethora of birds and perhaps an elusive jaguar!

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Intensity: Rigorous
Departure Time: 8:00 AM
Approx. Return Time: 4:00 PM
Food/Drinks: Lunch, juice and water
What to Bring: Sturdy shoes, long pants and shirt, bathing suit, towel, camera, sunscreen, insect repellent, hat, binoculars, flashlight, field guide.
Description: Attention cave lovers, hikers and birders! You won't want to miss this adventure! Travelling past citrus orchards on the gorgeous Hummingbird Highway you will reach Blue Hole National Park. The Blue Hole Park is in one of Belize's oldest jungles dense with large, hardwood trees. The park's namesake is a large, sapphire blue, 30-foot wide sinkhole fed by crystal clear underground streams. Also featured is St. Herman's Cave, a mile long cave into which visitors may hike. A hike around a mountain lake while birding leads to a scenic overlook. The park hosts many plant, animal and bird species. You'll have fun seeing how many you can identify!

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Intensity: Moderate
Departure Time: 6:00 AM (or earlier if you wish)
Approx. Return Time: 12:00 PM
Food/Drinks: Packed continental breakfast, juice and water.
What to Bring: Sturdy shoes, camera, sunscreen, insect repellent, hat, binoculars, field guide.
Description: Just 15 minutes from Hamanasi is the old 19th century Serpon Sugar Mill. A gigantic steam engine and other remnants of this sugar mill are fighting a battle with the jungle. Largely overgrown by vines, guest can still distinguish the different working parts of the mill as they make their way towards the river looking for birds. Large fig trees with huge buttresses are home to a variety of tropical birds. Some of the tropical birds often spotted in the area are keel billed toucans, fork tailed flycatchers, tropical kingbirds, and Amazon kingfishers. And right in our “backyard”, guests can birdwatch their way through the Creole community of Sittee River Village. Birds flock to the multitude of fruit trees, orchards, wetlands and grasslands. Red Lored Parrots and parakeets are often found, as well as Aracari Toucans, Mot Mots and more. Seasonally, during February and March, guests have the opportunity to witness migrating Scarlet Maccaws outside of the village of Red Bank in the foothills of the Maya Mountains. Here participants hike through the rainforest and have the opportunity to view and hear some of the 500 species of birds found in Belize. Colorful parrots, toucans and white eagles inhabit these beautiful hills. Guests may decide to take a quick dip in the river or just quietly relax on the riverbank to observe the many bird species in the area.

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Intensity: Easy to Moderate
Departure Time: 2:00 PM
Approx. Return Time: 5:00 PM (can be shortened)
Food/Drinks: Cookies, juice and water
What To Bring: Towel, camera, sunscreen, insect repellent, hat, binoculars
Description: From its origin deep within the Maya Mountains the Sittee River snakes its way to the sea with its mouth just south of Hopkins. Our trip starts near the Creole village of Sittee River and slowly heads towards the ocean. You will have fun spotting green and orange iguanas lounging in trees and maybe a crocodile resting at the water's edge. Parrots, toucans, motmots, herons and egrets often can be seen -- and heard! We have seen stingrays, manatee and crocodiles far upriver. If you are adventuresome you can navigate up Boom Creek, a dense, vine draped tributary to Sittee River. As we get closer to the sea the dense jungle gives way to large mangrove forests.

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Intensity: Easy
Departure Time: 7:30 AM
Approx. Return Time: 5:00 PM
Food/Drinks: Lunch, juice and water
What to Bring: Sturdy shoes, camera, sunscreen, insect repellent, hat, binoculars, field guide.
Description: If you ever wanted to learn a lot about the Maya here is your chance! We first explore the Mayan ruin of Xunantunich (pronounced Shu-nan-tu-nitch), or Stone Maiden. Located near the Guatemalan border, a hand-cranked ferry will take you across the river to this major ceremonial center situated high on a limestone ridge with a panoramic view of the Cayo District. The main pyramid, El Castillo, has detailed stucco friezes. After a full lunch we make our way to Cahal Pech, or Place of the Ticks. Cahal Pech was the royal family's residence around the same time that Xunantunich was at its height of power. This medium-size Mayan center comprises 34 structures compacted in a small area covering slightly more than 2 acres. The site includes 7 plazas, 2 ball courts, 6 plain Stella and 1 alter, as well as temple pyramids. Moreover, it has the second oldest structure in the Mayan world. Cahal Pech was first developed during the Preclassic period (1000 BC to AD 200) and abandoned around 800 AD. This site offers a view over the city of San Ignacio on one side and over the Belize River valley on the other. By the end of the trip you'll be an expert on the Maya! (OK, almost!)

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*Saturdays & Sundays:
Mayflower Jungle & Waterfall Hike, Sittee River
Canoeing & Kayaking, Tropical Birding or Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary & Jaguar Preserve.
These trips will be available on an as needed basis and are subject to change without notice. Private trips to other destinations can be arranged upon request.

Inland Adventure Notes:

  • A Belizean tour guide accompanies all tours.
  • We cannot control the weather! It may rain for days and you may experience the rainforest in the rain!! Come prepared with adequate rain gear and a positive attitude.
  • Trip alterations may occur due to inclement weather or factors beyond our control.
  • Comfortable hiking shoes or sturdy tennis shoes are recommended for most inland adventures. Open sandals are ideal for resort wear and the beach.
  • We have a healthy environment and creatures great and small thrive. We recommend that you use insect repellent and sunscreen during all inland adventures.
  • The national parks of Belize encompass natural habitats for wildlife such as tapir, jaguar, monkeys, snakes and crocodiles. Even though all of the above animals have been seen by our guests, we cannot guarantee that any specific wildlife will be spotted during your adventures.
  • Hamanasi is not liable for any injury sustained on a tour.
  • We promote low impact tourism and request that our guests only walk on prepared trails in the jungle.
  • As visitors in beautiful Belize we ask that you respect and are sensitive to the local culture.

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