“October’s Hopkins Humane Society Clinic”



October  spay/neuter clinic for the Hopkins Belize Humane Society was a “doozy.”  It unfortunately started with one of the Mississippi Jungle Vet Team veterinary surgeon, Kathy Kvam, getting very ill the day they were scheduled to leave. She had a twisted bowel that required surgery, and was hospitalized for over a week! In a last minute scramble, the team called Dr. Linda Leavell, part of the Georgia Triplets Team, and she was able to drop everything and head to Belize for a week to help.  Dr. Leavell went straight from the airport to the clinic.  Surgery schedules were juggled and extended. Saturday the 23rd was a scheduled day off, but that was the day that  Hurricane Richard was heading to Belize. The next day…with the hurricane on the horizon…. they did half a day of surgery! Shortly after surgery ended, the power went out  and there was no clinic for 2 days due to power outage in the village.

Normally, the  clinics are so well organized and scheduled…. but this trip because of the weather and rescheduling of vets, it seemed like they had clinic almost every day.

All in all, a lot of work was done, despite the set backs. 26 surgeries were performed, and dozens of animals were treated and medications dispensed.  Thanks to the guests that offered some of their time to clinic and big thanks to Clara Lee and her team for the continued support  and interest in the Hopkins Belize Humane Society.  They all did a fantastic job even with hurricane Richard passover!


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