“Urban Birdwatch 2010”

Belize Audubon Society held its Urban Birdwatch 2010 on Sunday October 10th in Dangriga.  The birdwatch tour was headed by Mr. Dirk Francisco who is the Public Relation for the Belize Audubon Society.  Two of our  inland guides Golden and Pedro were very eager and happy to attend this session of the countrywide bird count.  A total of 15 people participated in the event.

Total bird count was 64 different species and the  highlights  of the birdwatch  was none other than our National bird “Keel- Billed-Toucan” and the “Green Heron”.  The Belize Audubon Society is already planning to do the Christmas Bird count 2010  in the Jaguar Reserve – Cockscomb Basin and we do look forward to participating in that one as well.


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