Hamanasi & Humane Society Team Up for Success in Belize!

Hamanasi recently helped sponsor free veterinary clinics for Hopkins Village. Hamanasi supports many local village projects, including the Hopkins Belize Humane Society (HBHS). The veterinary team from Oxford, Mississippi of Kathy Kvam, Kerry O’Donoghue, Jack Williams and Clara Lee Arnold enjoyed a fantastic stay at Hamanasi while working at the local clinic. This visit was the second trip to Hopkins and Hamanasi for the vet team, who love to combine a lot of hard work at the vet clinics with some great Hamanasi fun!

Thanks to the efforts of the HBHS, Hamanasi and the vet team from Mississippi, over 50 local animals were given free spay/neuter surgeries, and another 40 free veterinary care, including deworming, flea and tick removal, wound care, and many, many other treatments.
Hamanasi supports the HBHS in an ongoing basis to help the people and animals in the village of Hopkins to live happier, healthier lives!
Please feel free to bring donations to help Hamanasi’s effort on your next visit!

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