Belize Hotel Named #1 Eco-Friendly Resort

TripAdvisor announced their top 10 “eco-mmodations” in honor of earth day – Hamanasi was named number 1.  Needless to say we were deeply honored and we will work even harder from now on to live up to the honor.  From the press release:

In the Spirit of Earth Day, we honor the Top 10 most Eco-Friendly hotels…

#1 Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort: Eco-Adventure: Set on 21 acres of coastal forest, this eco-resort’s green practices ensurethat nothing goes to waste, from composting all vegetable and fruit scraps tousing old linens as cleaning rags. In addition, the resort’s dive adventures educate guests to minimize the negative impact of human contact with the environment. According to one TripAdvisor traveler, “The fact that the resort advocated reusing towels, limiting sheet changing and using the surrounding natural beauty made us feel that we were contributing to the preservation of Belize.”

There were 9 other fantastic leaders in sustainable tourism on the list – check them out here.

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