Hamanasi “Clean Success” Part 1

“Community Cleanup in Hopkins Village”

Making our community a more beautiful place to live, work, and play is  our number one goal.  Hamanasi Green Team along with some volunteers from Hopkins village all came together on Saturday, January 30th for a comm–unity cleanup.  We started at the basketball court where we collected over 9 30 gallon bags of general garbage such as plastic, paper, wood sticks and fruit peels.

We all then walked down to Mrs. Bertie Library were we picked up all the garbage that was around the area and on the      street sides.   Our last stop was cleaning the area around the community center.  Total bags gathered after cleaning the 3 mention places were 15 bags.  Hamanasi provided transportation, biodegradable trash bags, gloves, water and snacks for the volunteers.

Thanks to a united effort, the cleanup was a huge success that all of us can be proud of!

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