“Medical donation to the Hopkins community”

A big THANK YOU to Dr. Mark Kimmins for his medical supplies donation to the Hopkins Clinic.  On March 2011, Dr. Mark Kimmins and his father Hamish from Anchorage, Alaska  stayed with us here at Hamanasi for a week.  By faith,  he came across the same path with Dr. Ojo on one of his relaxing afternoon.  Dr. Ojo a general practitioner was born in Nigeria and has been in the country of Belize for the past thirteen years.  He recently was transferred to Hopkins where he is incharge of the clinic and assists everyone from the village that seek medical attention.  Mark told Dr. Ojo that he would like to donate some medical supplies for the Hopkins clinic and he would like to know what exactly are the items that are mostly needed.  Aside from the daily usage of items like syringes, gloves, Dr. Ojo mention a pulse-odometer and a couple stethoscopes wo0uld be greatly appreciated.

On July, we received the medical supplies and Dr. Ojo was so grateful for this donation. Thanks again to Dr. Mark Kimmins and all our guests that continously support our Hopkins community.

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