Hamanasi Guest Book ~ August 2016

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“I can’t say enough how much I love Hamanasi! You guys do a fantastic job. I can’t wait to come again. Thank you for an amazing time.”

David Jacobs, Monravia, CA

“We’ve never been to a hotel/resort with better customer service. We have no suggestions!  Keep up the great work!”

Matt Bosch and Chelsea Bouquet, Lexington, KY

“Keep up the great service. You truly deserve your #1 hospitality rating for adventure and dive resorts. Top-tier eco-friendly. We can tell you are taking care of the planet and doing a stellar job!”

John Heye and Will Bunsey, San Antonio, TX

“Belize was half our enjoyment and your entire staff was amazing, very personable. Can’t say enough great things from top to bottom. Truly great people.  Love the thought and care put into everything.”

Nicholas Rumora, West Henrietta, NY

“Never had such good service anywhere.”

Anne Hirschegger and Family, Syosset, NY

“Don’t change what you are doing! You make every effort to treat us like family while we are here. Thanks for an awesome trip!

Christina Beck and Family, Yakima, WA

“Continue exactly the way you are operating! The personal touches and attention to detail were perfect!  Thank you for a fabulous getaway!”

Ryan and Angela Edgell, Lewisville, TX

“You’ve clearly figured out how to do an amazing job!”

Mckay and Robert Daines, Stanford, CA

“Your staff went so far above the expected to comfort all guests during Earl. We did not anticipate the love and devotion you provided in that event and cannot express enough gratitude to the staff and Management. You so much more than made up for any inconvenience even though out of your control that we were made feel like family.”

Kyle and Megan Jones, Cheektowaga, NY

“Most enjoyable stay I’ve ever had. Thank you so much!”

Nick Jacobs, Monravia, CA

“You operate a first-class resort!”

Clifton Johnson and family, Tampa, FL

“We hope to return to Hamanasi soon with our friends and Family!”

Joanna and Oscar, Lincoln, NE

“Can’t improve on perfection!”

Tony White and Family, Sugarland, TX