Hamanasi Guest Book ~ February 2017

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“Service is the best we have ever received! Keep up the excellent work and thank you for everything!”

Brittany & Nikki Fiero, Charlotte, NC


“Honestly, you’re doing everything at an amazing quality level.”

Joe Salvatore & Family, South Lyon, MI


“This is the best resort we ever stayed in. You have a great process – don’t change it!”

Joan Duffield & Andy Cuellar, Clayton, CA


“You’re all doing a great job. We Feel so fortunate to have stayed here, the staff are the best!”

Barbara & Kevin Gerlach, Holland, MI


“Such outstanding service. Impressive that they would remember our names.”

Dee & Todd McWilliams, Amherst, MA


“This was an amazing vacation and all expectations were exceeded. Thank you for the warm welcome and wonderful memories.”

Tim & Karie Ike, Spokane, WA


“We have had a wonderful time. Everyone has done an exceptional job. Thank you so much for a great vacation.”

Joshua & Lindsay Fleming, Huntsville, AL


“Everyone was so nice and helpful. It’s hard to pick just one person.  Everyone worked hard to ensure this was a most memorable vacation.  We will be back!”

Mila Tan & Kristi Donati, Arden, NC


“Continue to be attentive! Thank you for being such a friendly and welcoming group of individuals.  We will definitely come back because of the experience we had with the Hamanasi staff.”

Giang & Tony Dinh, Lake Charles, LA


“The service is excellent. I haven’t been able to think of how to make it better. Thanks a bunch.”

Brian, Syvilla & Whitney Cohoon, Topeka, KS


“Very grateful to have experienced your hospitality and resort.”

Anita & Teresa Chalmers, Richmond, Ontario Canada


“You made us feel completely at home. Everyone was so warm and courteous to us.”

Doris Sanders & Jack Mike, Denver, CO


“All exceptional! Let us stay longer, let us move in forever.”

Thomas & Jeanne Olson, Lino Lakes, MN


“The friendliest and most attentive staff I’ve ever met. Don’t change.”

Ilene Fischer and family, Shorthills, NJ


“You guys have it figured out. Keep it up!  This vacation/honeymoon well surpassed any expectations we had.  Thank you again.”

Tyler & Stacie Beveridge, Ontario, Canada