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“All members of your staff were incredible! I have stayed at 5 star resort all over and this was by far the friendliest, knowledgeable, helpful and courteous staff I have ever had.”

Gary Smith & Family, Baton Rouge, LA


“The trip was wonderful for our honeymoon, we hope to back some time in the future. Everything was perfect.”

Sam & Mark Kuhluein, Waterford, CT


“Great group of people you have here, they all stand out.”

Ronnie Stowell and family, Weatherford, TX


“Every single person we encountered made us feel so important and that making our stay amazing was their goal. We loved how well you remembered our names.  You truly made us feel like part of your family and coming to a new country so easy and flawless. You are doing such a great job.”

Michael & Krystie Haden, Huffman, TX


“The people were the best part of our experience here.”

Brooke & Gab Knipp, Colorado Springs, CO


“Everyone was so attentive and helpful. We really noticed the spectacular hospitality and service.  We loved everything about our stay.  Thank you.”

Christian & Kyle Hubbard, Goshen, OH


“Everyone is awesome! Don’t mess with perfection. T hanks you for a wonderful week. We love our Hamanasi family.”

B & Staci Shanes, Wichita Falls, TX


“We were very pleased with our stay. Thank you for being so intentional with every detail!”

Jonathan & Katelyn Hendricks, Birmingham, AL


“Everything was wonderful and will recommend Hamanasi to any friends planning a vacation in Belize.”

Anissa Mikitiuk & Family, Lebanon, NJ


“Keep doing what you are doing. Your staff seems genuine & always had a friendly comment or greeting.”

Kim Conger & Family, Rockville, NY


“Staff went above and beyond all our expectations. A true vacation!”

Ron & Julie Penix, Arlington, WA


“The entire staff was awesome at helping in any way and making us feel welcome.”

Beverly & Robert Jafek, San Diego, CA


“You were all so wonderful, I would definitely call you a family away from home. Thank you all so much for taking such good care of me.”

Ashley Cox, Asheville, NC


“Amazing service and experience overall! Thank you.”

Natasha Proden and Family, Vancouver, Cananda


“Excellent all around. Outstanding in every way possible.”

James Wolberg & Janet Rucker, New York, NY


“I’ve never been treated so kindly. Service was incredible and is the #1 reason we will return.”

Katie & Stephen Ciurzynski, Denver, CO

“Everyone made us feel welcome and helped us enjoy our stay. This has exceeded our expectations.”

Phil & Jessica Wright, Rogers, AR

“The staff at all levels was welcoming, friendly and helpful. Great job.”

Mike Bloss and family, Aurora, MO