Hamanasi Guest Book ~ May 2016

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“We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Very professional staff, service cannot be beat. Loved spending our honeymoon here. Thank you!!”

Scott & Kelly Long, Shevensville, MT


“We couldn’t have asked for a better place to relax and enjoy!”

Jane & William Godfrey, Chicago, IL


“This is the best by far place I have every stayed. Overall we felt like honoured, welcome guests.  I have never been around such well trained staff. The entire experience had so much thought and care put into it.”

Jon & Katie Lin, Chicago, IL


“Everything was amazing! What a memorable trip”

Kim Willaby, Catawba, SC


“Keep as normal. It was a flawless vacation.  We feel like we were spoiled with how awesome this trip was because nothing will ever be as great as Hamanasi!

Stephanie Greco & Family, Washington, DC


“Excellent service! Keep your staff happy and your guests will be happy.”

Estelle & Jon Knox, San Carlos, CA


“Keep doing what you’re doing. The kind and positive atmosphere helped to make this a vacation of  a lifetime.  We are very impressed by your efforts to reduce your carbon footprints.”

Brian and Kristen Panczak, Jupiter, FL


“It was a perfect honeymoon!”

Ryan & Mary Knapp


“It was absolutely top quality.”

Guatam Reagendran & Family, Denver, CO


“Everything was perfect.”

Shelbie & Matt Callaway, St Charles, MO


“Everything is amazing! Perfect Honeymoon!”

Norman Smith, Hunstville, TX


“Everyone went above and beyond to make our stay magical.”

Shadi Al-Jureidini, Saint Louis, MO


“Had a wonderful time. We sad to go back. Thank you!”

Priya Sharma & Farid Wozniak, Washington, DC


“Thank you for a wonderful experience.”

Maria Pinnock and Family, League City, TX


“Everything was wonderful. Very relaxing and quiet.”

Angela & Tom Hammond, Portland CT


“All of them are World Class!  Best we have ever encountered!  Really notice and appreciate your programs in sustainability, recycling, etc.  Don’t change a thing!”

Scott & Patricia Ludwig, Highlands Ranch, CO


“You exceeded our expectations. One of the main reasons we stayed here was your green commitment.”

Tim Moss & Family, Cleveland Heights, OH


“I salute for recycling and using eco-friendly materials to communicate to guests.”

Claudine & Jeff Sobejana, Morganville, NJ


“Everyone was so friendly and accommodating. Made the stay so enjoyable. It was perfect.”

Sarah & Josh Thibodeaux, Dayton, TX