Hamanasi Guest book ~ September 2016

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“This was my best time, felt so appreciated. Thank you all, to service and management – you made this vacation memorable.”

Sanja & Elvir Milavic, Jacksonville, FL

“Keep up with the beyond imaginable hospitality. No other hotel or resort compares (around the world) that we have ever visited. We lived like a king and queen!”

James Longabaugh and Melinda Ray, Edgewood, WA

“Everyone was so lovely and helpful. We can’t wait to return.”

Ashley Markley and Brett Thomas, Modesto, CA

‘The entire staff did a wonderful job. Everyone was pleasant, helpful and accommodating.”

Chris and Morgan Maire, Marietta, GA

“Your service is stellar. Everyone was completely delightful.”

Annamarie Faro, San Francisco, CA

“Service was perfect. The staff was friendly and helpful.”

Troy and Belinda Smith, Glendora, CA

“Everyone was wonderful, so warm and welcoming.”

Audrey Levine & Nels Johnson, Olympia, WA

“Everyone was so nice and we’re still in disbelief how everyone remembered our names through our entire stay, impressive great time!”

John & Sharon Ingram, Newark, CA

“Your efforts produce a wonderful product, you all should be proud! Thank you for this amazing adventure. We never desired anything that wasn’t already available. You have thought of everything.”

David & Brandy Crutchfield, Georgtown, KY