Hamanasi Guest Book ~ December 2017

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“You run and manage an excellent hotel – just keep it up.”

Jodd Kurtin, Sherman Oaks, California


“All staff was wonderful.”

Jane & Howard Kramer, Rye New York




“Everything was excellent.”

Adam Bindert, Chicago, Illinois


“The guides are outstanding, on land and in water. They really make the difference between good and great.”

Heather Corndorf, Minneapolis, Minnesota


“Everything was amazing.”

Chris & Katie Webb, Bedford Texas


“The service was fantastic. Everyone is so nice and attentive and goes out of their way to make us have a fantastic trip.”

Danziger Family, Houston, Texas


“Keep doing what you do the way you do it”

Alan & Amy Henry, Roanoke, Virginia


“AMAZING – keep up the amazing work and providing visitors with the great options for tours to showcase your beautiful country, thank You!”

Alex Rozmus & Lindsey Purlane, Calgary, Alberta Canada


“Everyone was very friendly and treated us really well. We do appreciate your hospitality and kindness to the heart.”

Ike & Gracelynn Tamrak, Ballwin, Missouri


“Everyone was so kind and willing to help. Such a friendly atmosphere.”

Jacob & Carly Mcclendon, Farmers Branch, Texas


“Excellent! See you next time.”

Marc & Cassandra Deshaies, Sarasota, Florida


“Everyone and everything made for a tremendous experience. Hands down best vacation we’ve ever enjoyed.”

Timothy & Shanna Ullmann, Tuscaloosa, Alabama


“Absolutely amazing! Everything was perfect. Hamanasi made us feel like we were the first and only people to the resort.  The dive shop was extremely well run and the best I have ever been to.  Will return!”

Dian Taylor, Colorado Springs


“Everyone is always so helpful…excellent customer service, best we’ve ever had anywhere.”

Betsey Wells, Greensboro, North Carolina


“Everyone was perfect. Stay as you are.”

Anthony Cafiso, Mahwah, New Jersey


“All staff were great. We were a challenging group: ages 7 – 81 and staff were very accommodating.”

Jay Carruthers, Saratoga Spring, New York


“Everyone did an awesome job! We were very impressed.”

Veronica Reyna, Tucson, Arizona


“The dive team was amazing. They were patient, knowledgeable, supportive and fun!!  As a new diver it was great to have such an awesome support team!”

Renata Troc, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


“The experience was amazing. Great staff, food and a great tour selection.”

Lanette Biggs, Acto, New Jersey