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Soursop Fruit

Have you ever done our organic garden tour? Yesterday our guests Leigh Ann Herrin and Gill Medina did the tour yesterday, “I had a lot of interest in Hamanasi’s organic garden as I have read about it on the website.  This morning Seleem took us on the organic garden tour, starting with the composting, which was the smelly part, all the way up to the picking of peppers and a lovely soursop” said Leigh Ann, who was delighted that she got to pick this juicy soursop fruit. Gill said “it was really interesting as to how everything is set up, Seleem even showed us how to husk a dry coconut! The most impressive part of the garden, is the reusing of the wine bottles to make plant beds, that is so clever.”

After the tour, Leigh Ann gave the soursop fruit to our kitchen, who prepared it into a smoothie for her after dinner, and this morning we had fresh soursop juice for her before departing.

Soursop is an interesting fruit that is widely promoted (sometimes as “graviola”) as an alternative cancer treatment. There is, however, no medical evidence that it is effective. Regardless of what they say, its a delicious fruit that is primarily used to make juice here in Belize, its also pretty tasty as an ice cream.  Our Chef likes to make a soursop cheesecake, which can be seen on our local Belizean Thursday night menu.

Soursop Juice (right)
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Leigh Ann and Gill