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camsCamille Ramirez, winner of the Kitchen Staff Member of the Year award, is a native of Hopkins.  She became a city girl for a while, but was brought back to Hopkins by love!

Camille has been baking at Hamanasi for 8 years. Her philosophy on life is fairly simple and she often advises staff that ‘what people say and think about you, does not define who you are!’

She is ecstatic to be working at Hamanasi as she thinks that any business who places staff on top of the pyramid instead of the Boss is an awesome place to work.

Camille can be found on her days off cooking Hudut — a traditional Garifuna dish made from plantain, reading a romantic novel or dancing to any music. She especially loves Lucky Dube’s ‘Oh My Son’ as it reminds her of her baby boy.

She is a member of the Hopkins Women and Youth dance group.