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David chilling on a hammock at the end of Hamanasi’s dock.

What makes the story of the David Farrell exceptional? The story of how he and his family got here is one that can be recounted by many who have made the journey before. These stories all sharing similar variables: there was a plane involved (for some, more than one), a short puddle jumper on Maya Island Air and then a van ride to Hamanasi Resort. David’s journey is not unique to Belize, because, as travellers would tell you, there is pretty much a standard route one embarks on after having decided on a family vacation destination.

What makes this pretty special is that if it wasn’t for 10 year old David Farrell, there would have never been a Belize or much less a Hamanasi vacation for the Farrells! Perhaps they would have been enjoying the same sun, but in a different country.

David, a boy on a mission, wanted to ensure he and his family – parents Judy & Thomas and older brother John — had an awesome 2018 vacation, and he would be the one to locate the ideal destination! On a day like any other, young David got creative did an Internet search on “good tropical vacations”. Belize came up on the top 16 destinations in the world. This is where we say David choosing Belize was destiny at its brightest!

He intensely researched Belize for about 30 minutes during which Hamanasi kept popping up and became a point of interest. David’s next step was the coolest. He created a killer poster board where he showcased all the amazing things about Belize and Hamanasi. Like a young businessman he presented the idea to the Board (his parents). It took his mom and dad about two days to say YES to Belize!

David at South Water Caye during a snorkeling surface interval.

The biggest allure about Belize he says was the abundant wildlife. David noted, “Hamanasi stood out because it’s both by the rainforest and on the beach”. The flora and fauna he came across on various jungle tours fascinated this young explorer. So much did he enjoy snorkeling he did it twice!

On his next visit to Hamanasi – yes, the Farrells are coming back — David plans on getting certified so he can experience diving. By his own admission, David shared that although he had been to Costa Rica and it was nice, the objective this year was to go “somewhere better than Costa Rica”. We are honored to know that Belize and Hamanasi lived up to those expectations.

Most ten year olds would gladly follow mom and dad anywhere they decide to go for a vacation. There is a beach. It’s in the tropics. What do I pack? Those would be your standard ten-year-old questions. And who can blame them? Let mom and dad do all the hard thinking. But David is not your everyday ten year old! Have a chat with him and one would note he has the intellectual confidence of an eager mind coupled with the humility that there is still much more to learn, an inherent trait only a few possess. Such sagacious curiosity in a 10 year old is as impressive as it is awe-inspiring.

David, by all accounts, is a pretty cool kid!



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