2017 World Migratory Day

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Birds are obviously important members of our ecosystems here on Hamanasi property. They are integral parts of food chains and food webs. Some birds get their food mainly from plants; others eat small animals, such as insects or earthworms. Birds and bird eggs, in turn, serve as food for such animals as raccoons and snakes. This feeding relationship among all the animals in an ecosystem, help prevent any one species from becoming too numerous. Birds are very good at playing a vital role in keeping a balance within nature.

Axel, Bern, Arne and Anastacio

Birds eat insects. They serve as a natural way of controlling pests within our organic garden on property. Hummingbirds, sunbirds and the honey eaters are common pollinators. Also, fruit eating birds help disperse seeds. Fruit eating birds include orioles, mockingbirds and robins.

Birding from the Widows Walk

In an effort to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day at Hamanasi, our Inland Guides from within our Adventure Center carried out an on property bird tour. Guests and staff who participated were John and Lynne Herald from room 7 and Mr. Anastacio Bol, Axel Jimenez, Bernabe Quintanilla Seleem Chan and Arne Guerra. The team was able to identify 25 different species of birds, including the Spotted Breasted Oriole, shown in the picture. This sighting was the highlight of the evening because this species of bird is very rear. The information collected as posted on Hamanasi’s E birder account.