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Continued Support of Hopkins Belize Humane Society

02-01-2017 - Posted in: Hamanasi Happenings Hamanasi in the Community Sustainability
Kelli of HBHS accepting Hamanasi donations.

Hamanasi continues to support the Hopkins Belize Humane Society.  On January 12, 2017, Hamanasi’s Sustainability Manager Seleem Chan gave Kelli Emslie Blank, the manager of the Hopkins Belize Humane Society an assortment of items donated by Hamanasi guests.  These items included leashes for cats and dogs, medication and bandages just to name a few.


I get goosebumps every time we at Hopkins Belize Humane Society receive a donation from Hamanasi Resort via their guests. It truly is just like Christmas. Each and every item we receive goes to the animals all over Hopkins and surrounding areas,” said Kelli.   “If it is something we feel is better used for the people, we share those items with local human clinics as well, nothing goes unappreciated or unused. Thank you, Hamanasi, for caring about your people and pets in the community,” she continued.


These lucky dogs are sporting new leashes!

The Hopkins Belize Humane Society or HBHS has made a huge impact on the health of animals in Hopkins and throughout Belize. Through free spay/neuter clinics, vaccinations for rabies, parasite control and a free dog food program, the HBHS is proactively changing the welfare of people and animals alike. By partnering with HBHS, Hamanasi Resort supports these efforts to make Hopkins and all of the surrounding communities a healthier place for wildlife, domestic pets, and the people that care for them.  Compared to when Hamanasi opened over 16 year ago, there are far fewer uncared for stray animals and most animals have a healthier, happier life, thanks in large part to HBHS and dedicated veterinarians.


Some of Hamanasi’s donations to HBHS.

To show our commitment to the Hopkins Belize Humane Society, Hamanasi has a matching fundraising program.   Donations made by our guests will be matched up to BZ $10,000 each year. Please help us reach this goal in 2017!


We want to thank all of our Hamanasi guests for their continuous contributions to this cause. And, we want to thank HBHS for the great work they are doing!


Youngs girls with their healthy, adorable pet.