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Hamanasi Celebrates International Youth Day 2017

10-09-2017 - Posted in: Hamanasi Happenings Hamanasi in the Community Sustainability
Martin shows a young girl how a BCD allows one to breath under water.

Every year on August 12th International Youth Day is celebrated. This was declared by the United Nations to remind the public of the importance of youth as a stage of life.

Hamanasi and our local librarians at the Ms. Bertie’s Library decided to exposed the young people of Hopkins to a career in diving through a presentation that was carried out by Mr. Martin Carr, one of Hamanasi’s leading tour guides and SCUBA diving instructor.

Martin captured the minds of his young audience. They learned about the use of a buoyancy control device (BCD).  They were fascinated that the dive tank allowed people to breathe under water. Other things covered were the use of the snorkel, mask, fin and dive weights.

Most importantly, Martin spoke on the need to protect the animals, including corals, on the reef and encouraged the group to consider SCUBA diving as a career.  About 5 of the boys expressed interest.  We hope to continue to foster in the youth of Hopkins interest in tourism careers through our outreach programs.