Hamanasi Guest Book ~ November 2017

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“Continue what you guys are doing…”

Deshea & Dustin Smith, Centennial, Colorado

“You guys made history in our lives and a place in our hearts forever!”

Robert & Dominique Jenson, Marietta, California

“Your customer service is off the charts and one of a kind. The experience begins with staff and from beginning to end, everyone was smiling and pleasant. I love how everyone remembered our names. Thank you all for being such beautiful people making our first trip out of the country so memorable!”

Samantha Lopez, Winters, New Jersey

“It’s hard to improve on perfection. We miss you all already.”

Valerie Johnson, Chayenne, Wyoming

“Everyone was amazing!! As a team they really work had it make our stay a magical experience.”

Vicki Yang & Brandon Cruse, Felton, California

“We give the overall service an A++++! We never expected to learn this much about Belizeans culture throughout our adventures and relaxation.”

John Haslbauer & Laura Schaefer, Port Washington, New York

“It is so special to walk around and everyone calls us by our names. We instantly felt welcomed and comfortable. Thank you.”

Kelly Keena, Littleton, Colorado

“Everything was flawless!”

Joanna & Patrick Culligan, Chicago, Illinois

“Everyone was incredible – Hamanasi’s service is top notch. It was the Best Vaction Ever. We will be back”

Terrie & David Snyder, Cottonwood, Arizona

“Keep it up!”

Galen & Caitlin Vinter, Boston, Massachusetts
“Thank you for everything”

Kathryn & Chris Volk, Issaquah, Washington

“Top notch service!”

Ronnie & Jonlyn Glenn, Roslindale, Massachusetts

“Everyone was excellent, very friendly and helpful”

Bridget Canty, Concord, California

“Doing such a great job. Keep up the good work.”

Teresa Quan, Oak Park, California

“Service was excellent”

Zane Hoover, Danville, Pennsylvania

“Service was fantastic”

Kathy Matustic, Algonquinn, Illinois

“Everyone we encountered was wonderful. Top notch service!”

Robert & Julie Haley, Memphis, Tennessee

“Thank you all for making my first solo travel memorable. Eco Friendly Efforts, “outstanding. Was a (small) part in my choosing Hamanasi”

Sylvie Belanger, Quebec, Canada

“The staff is GENUINLY happy to help the tourists in enjoying their time in Hamanasi.”

Senia Ibram, New Jersey

“Everything was perfect”

Nicole Brill, Galveston, Texas

“The staff really seemed to care for all its guests. It was a great experience”

Paul & Jennifer Henkson, Bend, Oregon