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Bike to Work Day at Hamanasi

05-30-2017 - Posted in: Hamanasi Happenings Sustainability
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Women ready for the bike race!

Across the world, bikes are being used as a means for real transportation. Here at Hamanasi, we encourage and support our staff who ride to work each day.

Let us consider some fun facts as to why bicycles are better than cars:

1. A bicycle has a tiny manufacturing footprint compared to a car. All manufactured goods have an environmental footprint, but bicycles can be produced for a fraction of the materials, energy and shipping cost for a car.

2. Bicycles don’t produce meaningful pollutants when in operation. Bikes do not have a tailpipe.

3. Using a bicycle for transportation can help you lose weight and improve your overall personal health.

On your mark!  Get set!  Go!

At Hamanasi, we have staff members who bike to work from neighbouring Hopkins Village and from as far away as Maya Center Village. Mr. Macario Pau and Mr. Francisco Sho, two of our Landscapers who both live in Maya Center Village, ride their bicycles to work every day.  “I leave my house at 7 am every day, and it takes me an hour to go to work in the morning and an hour to go back home in the evening.  That is why as soon as I am finished with work I start riding, because I do not want the night to catch me on the road,” said Macario.   Truly an inspiration!

Jackie and Seleem, the coordinators of this event.

In an effort to encourage Hamanasi’s staff to continue riding their bicycles to work and also to motivate other employees to do the same, management decided to organize a male and female bicycle race on Friday, May 19, 2017.  At 4 pm our male bike race kicked off, and Esteban Sho was victorious over 9 of his work colleagues. Esteban is also a resident of Maya Center Village and is an avid rider. For our female race, Ms. Juanita Augustine came out on top. She lives in Hopkins Village and is very health conscious.  Congrats to all participants!