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“We had the best honeymoon! Everyone made us feel like we were the most important guests. You were more than friendly you made us feel like family. Everyone was very professional. We cannot thank you enough for starting our marriage in such a special way.”

Maria & Carlos Dreappers, Somerville, MA


“Service is the best part of the experience here at Hamanasi!”

Damla Ozdalga, Jacksonville, FL


“Keep the emphasis on customer service and satisfaction.”

Craig & Tonya Collins, Roswall, NM


“You created a very relaxing and enjoyable vacation atmosphere.”

Dayna Mercadante, Millville, MA


“Keep doing what your are doing. This place has been so wonderful, very pleased.”

Monica Shields & Jonathan Hill, Amite, LA


“Very friendly, personable and welcoming team! Thank you for a fantastic week.”

Kathleen Porter, Washougal, WA


“I honestly cannot imagine how the service can be bettered. All resorts should be like Hamanasi!”

Julia Seddon and Family, Middlesex, United Kingdom


“Keep doing what you are doing! So welcoming, friendly and talkative staff, which really made our stay.”

Lindsey Boen, Shawnee KS


“Hamanasi staff were never sub-excellent! Our experience was a close to perfect as one could hope for!”

Matt & Caitlyn Noble, Beaumont, TX


“This visit was beyond my expectation. Service was above.”

Corrine Waller, El Rancho Cordova, CA


“All of the staff were friendly and accommodating. We received the best customer service with a family touch. The Hamanasi is a hidden gem.”

James & Michelle Lewis, Seabrook, TX


“This is the best service we have experienced. It surpassed even 5 star experience in the states. We could not have had a better time.”

Chaz & Hannah Woodson, Colorado Springs, CO


“Just keep doing what you’re doing! We loved it!”

Cody & Jacquelyn Holloway, Atlanta, GA



“Such a beautiful place with even more beautiful people. Thank you for letting us be part of the Hamanasi Family. You made our honeymoon more special than we could have imagined!”

Ashley & Jonathan Phillips, Bangor, ME