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Flamboyant flowers
Photo by John and Addy Bourne

Happy Father’s Day

Sunday, June 19th 2011


Appetizers Choice of

Mango Bread

Half & Half Soup

Of beets and baby pumpkin kissed with sour cream served with grilled crostini

Pitaya Tartare Salad

Made of in season pitahi, pineapple and crisp cucumbers folded with cilantro vinaigrette

Fish Cakes

With roasted sweet pepper mayonnaise


Green Plantain Tapas

Fried mashed green plantain topped with diced vegetables and bleu cheese, served with a black bean sweet corn chutney


Curry Roasted Pork Tenderloin

Pork tenderloin rubbed with curry spices, oven roasted and deglazed with guava jelly topped with pineapple salsa served along side gratin herbed coco


Blackened Lime Chicken

Tender blackened lime chicken breast pan cooked and served with sun-dried-tomato-basil pesto linguini


White Wine & Capers Grilled Snapper

Grilled fillet of red snapper drizzled with white wine-capers-butter sauce, served with a fruity petite green salad


Land & Sea

Grilled beef tenderloin steak spiked with garlic-orange reduction served with grilled lobster tail with roasted herbed potato and sautéed vegetable



Dessert Special

Banana cupcakes topped with fluffy peanut butter buttercream, caramelized bananas and garnished with crispy bacon