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If you have ever dined at Hamanasi’s Singanga restaurant, it is likely that you have basked in the warm smile of server Elvira Lino.  In 2010, however, Elvira’s face was creased with fear and tears. Her infant son, Devaan Casimiro, was desperately thin and not gaining weight.  Eliva took Devann to see Dr. Eck in Belize City where she learned his intestine was blocked and he could not digest nutrients. After one surgery and local options exhausted, Dr. Eck referred her to Milagro, the Belize representative of World Pediatric Project (WPP) for further care.

Immediately, WPP implemented an action plan for Devaan to get life saving surgery in the United States. After Elvira and her son got rapid issued passports, WPP arranged for them to fly to Washington, D.C., and take a long ambulance drive to Richmond, Virginia.  There they would live for the next 6 months during which Devann received 5 surgeries by local pediatric surgeons who volunteered their time. They opened and realigned his intestine so he would be able to digest food. Additionally, they rebuilt his anal cavity so that he could properly eliminate without a bag attached to his body. 

If it wasn’t for WPP, my son would not be alive today!”

Elvira Lino

During this time, tropics born Elvira experienced a cold and snowy winter, but was surrounded by the loving warmth of the many Richmond-based WPP volunteers.  They showed her the city, welcomed her into their homes and showered her and Devaan with love. Elvira had two surprise visits by Hamanasi founders, Dana and David Krauskopf, who then first learned about WPP.

Help Save The Next Life

If you would like to support the life giving work of World Pediatric Project, please contribute here:  Make a donation of $20 or more by Earth Day, April 22, 2020, and you will be entered for a chance to receive a 7-night complimentary stay for two at Hamanasi!

Nine years later, Devaan is a busy, healthy boy full of energy and laughter.  “WPP has changed my life so much. If it wasn’t for WPP, my son would not be alive today!” said Elvira, her voice quivering with emotion.  She is deeply thankful for allowing her son Devaan to be able to experience life and make one of his own.  Since seeing the life changing effects of WPP’s work for Elvira & Devaan, Hamanasi has supported the work of WPP throughout Belize.

Elvira is thankful that Hamanasi helps employees.  She is grateful to know that if there are any problems in the future she can rely on Hamanasi working with WPP.  As for Devaan, this bright young man is doing great!  Hear from him in his own words:

“I want to become a doctor one day so that I can do what the doctors did for me, which is save a life!” 

Devaan Casimiro

Thank you for your support!