Meet Our Guides

At Hamanasi our guides love what they do and it shows. They have a lifetime of experience and knowledge and they are eager to share their knowledge and their love of Belize with each new group of guests. All guides are trained and certified in the tours they lead so no matter which adventures you choose you are sure to learn a lot and we think you’ll enjoy getting to know your guides as much as they’ll enjoy getting to know you!

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Inland Guides

Antonio Rash

Don’t let his quiet nature fool you! He has a wealth of knowledge, which he loves sharing with guests. On his days off he loves spending time near his home in the Toledo District swimming, fishing, camping and relaxing by the Temash River.

Bernabe "Bern" Quintanilla Jr.
Hamanasi Belize Resort Guide Bern Quintanillo Jr.

Bern loves meeting people from all over the world and sharing his love for Belize. His favorite tour to lead is favorite tour to lead is the Maya tour, and in his spare time you’ll find him birding, reading, or spending time with his family.

Emiliano "Ems" Sho

From the Stann Creek District, Ems has been guiding for 13 years. When he’s not guiding you may find him reading and listening to music. Ask him to sing the Belizean national anthem!

Hartfield Drysdale

Hartfield started his guiding career with Hamanasi 7 years ago and loves being an ambassador for his country. From the Stann Creek District, he has 7 kids and loves reading and listening to music. Ask him about the giant anteater!

Lorenzo Coc

During his 17 years of guiding, his most memorable moment was when a Jaguar walked out on the trail only a few feet away from his group during a night hike. No one moved or took a photo! He loves spending time with his wife and 5 children in the Toledo District.

Marine Guides

Mark "Beaver" Lewis

With a name like Beaver, no wonder he’s a divemaster! A new member to the Hamanasi marine crew, Beaver enjoys both snorkeling and diving. He appreciates showing guests the wonders of the sea, including huge manta rays. Hopkins born and bred, he has 5 kids and enjoys working on his family’s farm.


Darren Nazario

If you can, get Darren on your boat for a whale shark dive – he loves the biggest fish of the sea! One of his most exciting experiences during an adventure was seeing a sperm whale. Like a true Garinagu, you’ll find him fishing on his days off!

Evan Martinez

Evan’s favorite tour to guide is Light House Reef snorkeling, but for fun he likes to visit Mayan sites. He enjoys dinner with friends and family and catching some Zzzzzs.

Rodrick "Garif" Castillo

Have an idea for Hopkins, your Village Council member loves community projects! He would gladly lead you on his favorite adventure, Lion Fish hunting!

Joe Nazario

Have you ever seen a hammerhead shark chasing an eagle ray? If not, ask Joe as he has! The favorite tour to lead of this father of one is snorkeling at the Blue Hole. Like Darren, he’s keen on fishing!

John Ariola

For John, being a guide and captain is fun and he enjoys meeting people. When he is not a snorkel guide you might find him snorkeling for pleasure – or playing with his 4 kids!

Neal Ariola

With Hamanasi since the beginning, Neal knows all about driving our boats and being a snorkel guide. He keeps busy at home playing volleyball, cooking, fishing and being a father of 4.

Terrill Castillo

From beach raker to Dive Instructor to Assistant Adventures Manager, Terrill can answer almost any tour and dive questions for you! A native of Hopkins, Terill has worked at Hamanasi for 14 years and been guiding for 13 of those years. He takes great pride in hosting and sharing with guests what beautiful Belize has to offer, especially diving on Half Moon Caye wall or Lionfish spearfishing. Some of the most amazing experiences he’s had on a tour include seeing 120+ reef squids, a gam of 5 whale sharks, both a sperm and pilot whale and 28 eagle rays gliding in formation. When he’s kicking back he’s usually watching Nat. Geo.