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Hamanasi Specialty tours are popular excursions offered by appointment in addition to our regularly scheduled adventures.

Please Note: Specialty Tours cannot be substituted for Reef & Rainforest package tours. Specialty Tours are available at an additional cost as listed below. To see a list of tours that are included in our package prices, please see the Inland Adventures page and the Reef Adventures page.

To experience these unique tours, just sign up for Specialty Tours with a Front Desk Associate after arriving at Hamanasi. We can arrange these tours upon request with at least one day’s advance notice, although some tours have a specific day they are offered, and minimum group size may apply. These are noted in the tour description. A cancellation fee of US$50 per person applies for cancellation less than 24 hours prior to trip.

Please keep in mind that we use outside operators for many of our specialty tours. As such, prices are subject to change without notice. Once again, these Specialty Tours are NOT included in any packages, so if you choose a specialty tour you will be charged the cost indicated on the tour description.

Bocawina Zipline

Jungle Horseback Riding

Departs: 8:00 AM and 1 PM (Approx. drive time is 45 minutes each way)
Approximate Return: 12:00 PM and 5 PM
Weight limits: Max 250 lbs Min 100 lbs
What to bring: Well-treaded tennis shoes or hiking boots, light long pants, insect repellent and camera
Includes: Water, juice and entrance fee

It's now tried and tested and the results... SPECTACULAR, INCREDIBLE, A RUSH LIKE NO OTHER!!! The tour starts with kitting up followed by a short hike to the first zip line. After a safety briefing you get your first taste of zipping. The first line is short to get you used to the equipment. After that you fly through the canopy on various lengths of zip, some fast, some very fast. There are a total 8 zip lines and 2 small rappels. The longest being an impressive 2,300 ft. The length of this tour depends on how many people are on the tour, for 2 it takes about an hour, for 6-8 just over 2.5 hours.

Price: US$100 per person
(minimum 4 people)
Intensity Level 2
Note: If only two people book the tour, a US$50 surcharge applies.

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Departs: 7:00 AM
Approximate Return: 3:00 PM
What to bring: Sturdy shoes, sunscreen, insect repellent, binoculars, field guide
Includes: Snack, lunch, water and juice

Monkey River winds its way through the jungle from the Maya Mountains to the ocean. Teeming with bird life, fish and the howler monkeys that gave name to the river, this is an easy way to see some of the bounty of this unique ecosystem. On the one hour trip from Hamanasi to Independence where you will board the boat, you will pass through large banana plantations and several small traditional Mayan villages. Near Independence you will board a small boat to go through a lagoon and coastal waters where you may spot manatees, dolphins and other sea life.

As you make your way up Monkey River you can watch the manatees that often lazily graze on the vegetation in the river while crocodiles sun themselves on the riverbanks and colorful tropical birds fly overhead. Toucans, King Fishers and Montezuma Oropendula are just a few of the birds in the area as well as nesting sites for Cormorant and White Herons. Enjoy lunch on a sandbank or go for a short hike in the jungle. You may spot a tarantula, small bats or even the elusive jaguar! The highlight of the tour is the howler monkeys that usually play in the trees overhead. The monkeys feed on the abundance of fruit from the indigenous trees that line the river. This area has recovered remarkably well after the damage caused by Hurricane Iris in 2001.

Price: US$165 per person
(minimum 2 people)
Intensity Level 1

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Caves BranchDeparts: Monday, Wednesday or Friday 7:15 AM
Approximate Return: 4:30 PM
Includes: Lunch and water
What to Bring: Well-treaded tennis shoes or hiking boots, swimsuit, shorts, T-shirt, insect repellent, towel, change of clothes for after the tour.

If you are an adventurer at heart, this tour is for you! Experience the beauty of the cave system from the comfort of your inner tube. Hike through chambers where ancient Maya took part in religious ceremonies lead by the Shaman and priests. Your headlamp provides your only light as you enter huge cave systems sculpted by flowing water. Crystal formations glow in the light while you wind your way past stalactites and stalagmites. Step delicately as there are many Mayan artifacts!

Price: US$125 per person
(minimum 2 people)
Intensity Level 3

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Actun Tunich Muknal Cave Tour


Actun Tunichil MuknalDeparts: 7:00 AM
Approximate Return: 5:30 PM
Includes: Park fee, lunch, cookies, juice and water
What to Bring: Shorts and t-shirt are suggested along with a good pair of tennis or hiking shoes or dive booties (no sandals). A pair of socks is required. You will need a change of clothes and towel for after the tour, insect repellant and sunscreen.
Degree of Difficulty:  Challenging – a good level of physical fitness required.
  A short distance of swimming into the entrance of the cave is involved. Life jackets provided upon request.

Travel back in time following pathways used by the Maya and discover lost treasures that have been hidden deep within the jungle for centuries.  This excursion unveils the mysteries and secrets of the Maya underworld. Witness spectacular views of the jungle, while trekking across rivers and remote jungle trails. See burial chambers with calcified remains, ceremonial vessels and other cultural artifacts left by the Maya centuries ago.  Artifacts are often looted from caves following
their discovery. Because of this, passage through this cave is known to only a few select guides who have permission from the Belize Department of Archeology to take visitors to this special cave. To this day, the cave has not been looted and nearly all of the cultural artifacts have remained in place as they were originally found in 1989.

Price: US$175 per person
(minimum 4 people)
Intensity Level 3++
Note: Two people may book the tour, but a US$100 surcharge applies.

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TikalDeparts: Hamanasi 4:00 AM
Return: 8:30 or 9:00 PM (don't forget to pre-order dinner for your return!)
Includes:Border crossing departure tax, entrance Fee, breakfast, lunch,  cookies, juice and water
What to Bring:Passport and money for shopping

The largest and one of the most spectacular of all the Mayan sites in Meso-America is located in the Peten area of Guatemala, deep in the high canopy jungle. Tikal is about 1 1⁄2 hours from San Ignacio. The flora and fauna in this area is almost as breathtaking as the Mayan temples themselves. The original city covered an area of 35 square miles and although the archaeologists have been excavating here since the 1930's, they tell us that there is at least another 100 years of work to be done. On this trip you will visit many of the temples at the site, learn fascinating Mayan history and emerge yourself in a spectacular jungle setting teeming with wildlife.

Price: US$345 per person
(2 people, minimum 2 people)
Intensity Level 2+
Price: US$295 per person
(3 People)
Price: US$270 per person
(4+ people)

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Jungle Horseback Riding

Departs: 8 AM with Approximate Return: 11:30 PM
Departs: 1:00 PM with Approximate Return: 4:30 PM
What to bring: Long pants, comfortable shoes, hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, binoculars, bathing suit, and towel
Includes: Cookies and water

Your adventure begins just 15 minutes from Hamanasi where the horses will be waiting to carry you for a short ride through the citrus orchard where hummingbirds feast on the blossoms. Then you will ride through dense jungle with huge cotton wood, gumbo limbo and emery trees which offer homes to a variety of tropical birds. Toucans, black face ant thrush, tinamous and trogons are just a few of the birds often spotted. Enjoy cookies and juice under the cohune palms with leaves as long as 45ft. and cool off in the river (seasonal). This excursion on well kept horses is accompanied by a tour guide and very experienced horse wranglers.

Price: US$75 per person
(minimum 2 people)
Intensity Level 1

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Caves Branch


Caves Branch

Departs: Monday, Wednesday, or Friday 7:15 AM
Approximate Return: 4:30 PM What to Bring: Well-treaded tennis shoes or hiking boots, light long pants, insect repellent, change of clothes for after the tour
Includes: Lunch and water

The "Mother of all Caves"... Actun Loch Tunich! This expedition starts off with a vigorous hike into the foothills of the Maya Mountains. The edge of the Actun Loch Tunich sinkhole sits over 300 feet above the basin below, 200 feet above the rainforest canopy that grows out from the sinkhole basin. Fully trained caving guides then rig a system of rappelling ropes for your decent to the basin below. The first 10 feet provides the adrenaline. The next 200 feet provides an unforgettable experience and sights to behold. The last100 feet takes you down through the rainforest canopy. The sinkhole is not actually black, but you can't see the bottom from where you start. Once you're at the bottom, the question is... How do we get you out???

This expedition is not for the faint of heart and all participants must be relatively physically fit.

Price: US$135 per person
(minimum 2 people)
Intensity Level 3

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Caves Branch


CockscombDeparts: 5:00 or 5:30 PM (depending on sunset)
Approximate Return: 9 PM (Don't forget to pre-order dinner for your return!)
Includes: Entrance fee, headlamps, cookies and juice
Bring: Sturdy shoes, camera, insect repellent, flashlight

Visit the natural habitat of some of Belize's nocturnal animals. Your chances are good at seeing some fresh tracks of the elusive jaguar, puma or ocelot Cockscomband you may even be lucky enough to see one of these wild cats. Other animals you are likely to encounter on a night walk are foxes and coatis. There is something magical about walking in the rainforest at night. Listen to the calls of the crickets, frogs and birds. Enjoy the beauty of a moon trying hard to shine all the way through the forest canopy. Let your imagination run wild!

Price: US$100 per person (minimum 2 people) Intensity Level 2

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Lionfish Adventure

Jungle Horseback Riding

Diving: 8:00 AM
Departs: Every day (weather permitting)
Approximate Return: 12:00
What to bring: Swimsuit, underwater camera, sunscreen, insect repellant & marine field guide.
Includes: Juice, fruit, private dive master and spear

Hamanasi's new Lionfish Spear Fishing Adventure offers scuba divers the chance to spear this invasive species. Belize is supportive of efforts to rid its waters of this voracious eater. Prior to diving there will be a briefing describing the Lionfish, a scientific explanation of the threat the fish poses in the Caribbean and why hunting the species is ecologically sound. On the first dive the Dive master will point out the Lionfish, its habitat and demonstrate how to spear the Lion fish and bag the fish. During the surface interval, the divers learn how to clean the fish. If the Dive master determines that the diver has adequate dive skills including buoyancy control the guest may test his skills at spear fishing during the second dive under the supervision of the Dive master. All Lion fish caught will be recorded and used for the table.

Price: US$165 per diver
Upgrade fee of US$50 per person
(minimum 2 persons)
Note: Must be an experienced and certified scuba diver to do this adventure!

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Caves Branch


Departs: 3:00 PM by Bicycle
Approximate Return: 5:00 PM
Includes: A drink at a local watering hole
What to Bring:: Camera, sunscreen, insect repellent, hat, friendly smile

Price: US$25 per person (by Bike)
(minimum 2 people) Intensity Level 2

Visit laid back Hopkins Village located just one mile north of Hamanasi. This tour will introduce you to the culture, history and traditions of this unique Garifuna fishing village. Accompanied by a native Garifuna guide you will visit the local drum maker, a gift shop, Garifuna temple and many more spots of interest. If you are lucky you may join in some impromptu drumming and dancing at the drumming center. Meet the friendly villagers and have a drink at one of their favorite watering holes.


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Waterfall Rappelling

Jungle Horseback Riding

Departs: 8:00 (Approx drive time is 45 minutes each way)
Approximate Return: 3:00 PM
Weight limits: Max 250 lbs Min 100 lbs – Minimum age 12
What to bring: Well-treaded tennis shoes or hiking boots, light long pants, insect repellent, change of clothes
Includes: Water, juice and entrance fee

Climb to the top of the 1000-foot Antelope Falls. Get ready for the adrenaline rush of your week. Start with a 30-minute drive to the foothills of the Mayan mountains. Upon arrival there is a safety briefing followed by equipment fitting. Next is a strenuous hike up through the rainforest to the top of Antelope Falls, which takes about an hour. Once at the top you can cool off by taking a swim in the clear waters of the natural pool while the team sets up the ropes. As soon as the ropes are all set you get down your knee and elbow pads and get ready to rappel down 500 feet of the falls. There are two stages to the rappel, first being the wettest and most slippery, but also the most fun, the second slightly easier. There are 3 guides to help with your decent and fun.

Price: US$165 per person
(minimum 4 people)
Intensity Level 3+++
Note: If only two people book the tour, a US$100 surcharge applies

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Caves Branch

Fish with the locals

Jungle Horseback Riding

Departs: 7:00 AM
Approximate Return: 12:00 for Half-Day or 4:00 for Full-Day*
What to bring: Sunscreen, insect repellant, camera & a fishy attitude!
Includes:Fishing gear, cookies, juice and water
(Full-Day also includes lunch)

With its abundance of marine life the Belize’s Southern Reef is an angler’s paradise!  From reef trolling to river fishing to trying your luck on the flats, you’ll have a fishing experience you’ll never forget!  The Belize coastline offers the ideal ecosystem for a wide variety of marine life.  There are many rivers, mangrove lagoons and islands that serve as nurseries to aquatic species.  With the addition of abundant flats and the barrier reef, game fish thrive!  At the start of your trip your experienced local guide will show off his skill catching bait in round cast nets near the mangrove. Trolling is popular along Belize’s Great Barrier Reef’s drop-offs where you often can catch king mackerel, barracuda, grouper, jacks and snapper.  Would you like to try for the Grand Slam of saltwater fly-fishing – permit, bonefish and tarpon?  Belize is renowned for hundreds of flats and cayes, many within an hour boat ride of Hamanasi, that will challenge even the best angler’s skill.  Hamanasi has a catch and release policy.  All permit, bonefish and tarpon are always released.  Some fish like snapper, grouper and barracuda can be kept for the table.

Trolling, spinning rods and fly fishing gear are available.  Fishing is done with an experienced local guide in a 23 –foot skiff.


Prices (add $10 per person for fishing license):

1/2 Day Spin Fishing$250
1/2 Day Fly Fishing$260
1/2 Day Combo$260
Full Day Spin Fishing$325
Full Day Fly Fishing$360
Full Day Combo$360

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The Specialty Tours tours are popular tours offered in addition to our regularly scheduled tours. Many tours are offered by operators other than Hamanasi. We can arrange these tours upon request with at least one day’s advance notice. Please note that some tours have a specific day they are offered. Minimum numbers and cancellation fees apply.

Specialty Tours are NOT included in any packages and will be charged to your room at an additional cost as indicated on the tour description.

Please sign up for Specialty Tours with a Front Desk Associate at least one day prior to your desired tour.

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