Explore Hopkins Village

Hopkins is the closest settlement to Hamanasi, easily accessed with our complimentary bicycles or just a long walk down the beach. Hopkins is a traditional Garifuna fishing village. While tourism is now a major part of the local economy, many Hopkins residents still fish in dugout dories, harvest cassava and weave baskets in the traditional way. On major holidays, such as Garifuna Settlement Day or Christmas, and by arrangement, traditional singing, dancing, and drumming will mesmerize you.

Adventures in Hopkins

Hamanasi offers several adventures that explore different aspects of Hopkins village and local culture.

Hamanasi in the Community

Hamanasi isn’t an entity that exists on its own. We are active members of Hopkins village and surrounding communities, as well as the Stann Creek District and Belize as a country. Hamanasi is proud to support many projects and aspects of the community. Read about our latest community projects on our blog or see the links below for information on how we seek to create socially and environmentally sustainable practices in every aspect of our resort.